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The Trakkadu Difference

The Trakkadu Difference
Our Trakkadu pop top campervan is offered in one length and layout. With almost 13 years behind the design and functionality, this camper model has well and truly been tried and tested for daily life and Outback adventures. We've made some serious upgrades over this time, but we know the concept works!
The biggest choice you'll be needing to make is what engine power you want, with 2 offerings:
  • 2L 110kW Turbo Diesel 340
  • 2L 146kW Bi-turbo Diesel 450
Keeping inline with our TRAKKA motorhome models, the quality of build and level of specification are about as high as you can get. Let's take a deeper look at some of the standard features we've pack in:


The Rotating Seats
Transitioning from driving to camping mode is simple. Designed for comfort and versatility the Trakkadu series includes driver and passenger swivel seats with lumbar support and armrests. Not only do these features increase your living space and the ability to utilise the front cab, they highlight the seamless integration between a van and your camping needs.

The Roof
Over 4 decades, TRAKKA have been perfecting the design of the pop top roof. In the driving position, a Trakkadu roof can be easily identified from the aerodynamic front deflector and low profile, sleek exterior look, together with an integrated side awning. From the inside, the roof is securely locked with two latches for driving. To employ simply use the two integrated handles to push the lightweight roof up as the gas strut assisted lift kicks into gear.

When open, the tilted roof provides exceptional structural integrity in adverse weather as it only lifts at one end. The construction offers superior insulation, encourages air movement throughout the interior and provides over 2.1 metres of standing room for cooking, standing and getting out of seats.

The Sleeve
Adding to the functionality and brilliance of the Trakkadu roof is the PU coated roof sleeve. This lightweight and highly water resistant sleeve can be unzipped to reveal a full flyscreen for protection from bugs and incredible air ventilation. The whole sleeve can be unzipped from here for a full Safari experience, think hot summers night, sunset. 

The Sliding Rear Seat
Thanks to a multi-position slide system the Trakkadu features an easy to make bed. Piggy backing on the slide system feature is the Trakkadu’s ability to create numerous seating positions for dining, travelling or carrying bulky items. 

Keeping up with the latest in technology, TRAKKA include as standard, a Lithium house battery system and their appropriate chargers. There's 250W of roof mounted solar to help keep the battery topped up for longer and a central control unit to monitor water and battery levels (as well as an app on your phone).

Chargers include 40amp AC charger and 40amp 5 stage Lithium DC/solar charger, meaning you're getting the most out of running your engine, sunlight and being plugged into 240V power. Wanting to charge your phone? There's access to USB and 12V chargers for charging devices. 

All TRAKKA motorhomes have integrated 50L fresh water and 30L grey water tanks (to keep them well protected). Water is efficiently heated via a heat exchange system (using the running engine to warm the water).

Dining Inside or Out
Easy to reposition, the dining table can be used inside or outside the Trakkadu for additional meal prep or for use within the sitting area. Now with a larger surface area, this table stows flat in the sliding side door, is easy to access as needed and has little impact on your interior space when packed away.

Temperature control
12V fan with various power levels, sliding concertina style insect screen for the side door and screen/blind system for all camper windows to keep the bugs away and allow for a constant cross flow of air. 

As well as window screens, the windows have built in blinds, which will help shade the interior on hot sunny days and help keep the heat in on cold winter nights. 

As well as the roof assisting in insulating the interior, the composite flooring is constructed from 6mm TPV with 25mm Styrofoam for the ultimate lightweight, strong, non-water absorbing solution. 

On the outside the side roll out awning is integrated into the roof to keep your height clearance low for daily driving and then creates a large shaded area on the passenger side when camping. 

All TRAKKA kitchens have cutlery separators, multi-ball bearing drawer runners with soft closing function and the sink comes standard with a lid in the same construction as table tops so they can be used as a bench extension. 

Unsure what crockery to buy with your new camper? Don't worry, TRAKKA include 4 dinner plates, 4 side plates, 4 bowls and 4 mugs to all models, as well as a secure storage system to keep all in place when things get bumpy!

Single Fuel Source
Cooking without volatile gas and no flame within the vehicle is the greatest benefit of the standard diesel fuelled cooktop. Easy to use (press one button) and versatile (a silicone BBQ mate can be used to grill and toast directly onto a plate), it’s simple, yet impressive design enables you to comfortably cook inside, especially great when adverse weather closes in. The Diesel Cooker is easy to clean and cost efficient, using around 0.2L/hr.

There's no second guessing when you come across a TRAKKA van. We've been producing innovative and striking look interiors now for 50 years. 

Integrated LED strip lighting system features in the awning, roof & general interior. Providing form and function, the inconspicuous and flush light switches are operated with a simple touch for activation and dimming.

TRAKKA’s slim bench and table tops are thin, incredibly durable and fully
water resistant construction. The compact 3D laminate is environmentally friendly, suitable for food preparation, so simple to store and certainly not overpowering in a compact space.

We took some inspiration from the boating industry when it comes to floor covering, because everything needs to be built for withstanding the outdoors right? The foam padded woven vinyl flooring is soft under foot, textured to hide marks, easy to sweep or wipe clean and ready for heavy foot traffic. What goes under the vinyl is even more impressive. An extremely lightweight composite composition means you've got a very strong, incredibly high water resistance floor and more payload to load your gear where we've saved on the weight.

Roller shutters for wardrobe and cabinetry cupboards provide smooth operation and practical storage solution. No opening cupboard doors in a compact space and a modern appearance.

Interior walls are covered in a passenger car-like roof lining, smooth material to give a seamless and well finished presence.

See full spec and pricing HERE.

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