Advanced Electricals

Upgrade your adventure with our next-generation luxury van motorhomes, now featuring a powerful 48V electrical system as standard. This advanced system ensures less heat and more efficient power transfer compared to traditional setups. 

The innovative Power Hub consolidates charging and inverted power into one compact unit.

  • 3000W 240V power input - imagine being able to plug in multiple 240V appliances like your coffee maker, microwave, and laptop all at once
  • Smart 1000W alternator input ensures your batteries charge efficiently without draining your vehicle’s power when idling
  • With up to 4800W solar input, you can harness the sun’s energy to stay off-grid longer. TRAKKA include 60V 460W of solar as standard, with options to upgrade to 690W on all models and 920W on XLWB model.
  • Delivering up to 3600W AC and 1500W DC output, meaning you can run everything from your dual induction cooktop to your 12V fridge seamlessly 

The standard Lithium 5kWh offering equates to around 416Ah, with a 10kWh option (833Ah), or the ultimate 15kWh (1,248Ah) for XLWB model. Enjoy the freedom of the open road with unmatched efficiency, power, and the convenience of using household appliances wherever you roam!

Experience the ultimate convenience and comfort with our luxury van motorhomes, equipped with a 140L fresh water tank and an 80L grey water tank with an electronic dump valve. Plus, with an electric 10L water tank, you can enjoy hot showers and easy washing up wherever you go.

The electronic dump valve makes emptying the grey water tank effortless—just connect a hose and press a switch, no need to crawl under the vehicle.

These robust tanks are built into the camper as standard, ensuring they’re protected no matter where your journey takes you, whether you're cruising the highway or tackling off-road adventures.

Enjoy clean, safe drinking water on the go with our onboard filtration system.

Elevate your culinary adventures with our mid-wheelbase VW camper's next-generation cooking features. Enjoy the flexibility of a portable dual induction cooktop, seamlessly built into the benchtop for indoor use or easy setup outside.

Our 4-in-1 convection microwave oven lets you roast, bake, and steam, so you can whip up the same delicious meals you make at home. 

For the ultimate outdoor cooking experience, opt for our woodfire electric BBQ, which also offers air frying, smoking, dehydrating, grilling and roasting functions. Whether indoors or out, you’ll have everything you need to cook up a feast on the road.

Step into luxury with our next-generation van motorhomes, designed for ultimate comfort inside and out. Outside, enjoy the shade and protection of a passenger side roll-out awning.

Inside, stay comfortable with sliding side door and rear door insect screens, window insect screens, and pull-up blinds to block out the hot sun or keep in the warmth. A 12V fan with multiple speeds, and the optional bladeless fan that heats and cools, ensure you stay comfortable in any weather.

Our ducted reverse cycle air conditioning provides efficient cooling and heating, while insulated walls, roof, and doors maintain the ideal temperature.

Aside from the above inclusions, the Torino is packed with features such as:

Conversion Space & Storage

  • Multi-position dining table
  • Overhead locker storage with roller shutter doors
  • Soft close drawers
  • Power coated aluminium corner protection for cabinetry joins
  • Full width boot


  • Dual induction cooktop
  • Internal fridge/freezer
  • Sink with lid
  • Convection microwave oven
  • Drinking water filtration
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Smoke alarm

Night Time

  • Long North/South single beds that convert to double
  • Front window privacy blockout
  • Living/bedroom window blinds
  • Dimmable integrated LED lighting panels throughout
  • Multi memory foam mattress


  • Internal toilet/showering room
  • Mirror with toiletries storage
  • Basin
  • Extraction fan

Climate Comfort

  • Wall, ceiling & door foam insulation
  • Composite flooring with cushioned woven vinyl covering
  • Ducted reverse cycle air con/heating
  • Double glazed opening windows through living area and bedroom with integrated insect screens and blinds
  • Sliding side door insect screen
  • Sliding rear door insect

Alfresco Living

  • Side roll out awning
  • 26" external LED flood light
  • Portable entry step (electric option)

The TRAKKA aesthetic has always been highly recognisable, with its automotive-style wall linings, concealed blind frames, cabinetry finishes, dimmable lighting systems, and composite benchtop and splashback textures.

With the next generation MY25 spec, we introduce an array of contemporary designs and colors, evoking a sense of cozy homeliness and style. Our updated approach combines aesthetics with practicality, ensuring timeless elegance and comfort on the road.

TRAKKA will be offering a choice of overall themes:

  • traditional monochrome industrial
  • natural country living feel
  • mid-century modern vibe (we're incredibly excited about this moss green look).

All-new hardware, including drawer catches, taps, and overhead showers in black and brushed gold, provides an even more elevated look. We are transitioning from modern automotive smooth wall linings to a striking design inspired by the lines and grooves of a Japanese Zen garden. This 3D surface finish interweaves design innovation with sustainability and commercial performance, using sound-absorbing panels made by combining a recycled PET backing with the colored surface finish.

Introducing a suite of options never before offered in the TRAKKA range, we are creating the most home-like experience on the road yet.

Thanks to the new 48V electrical system, offering an impressive 416Ah and 833Ah equivalent of lithium battery power, you can enjoy beyond the standard 240V all-electric features. Get caffeinated with an inbuilt barista-style coffee machine and milk frother that brews two espressos at once. In addition to our 12V fan, the optional 240V bladeless fan with heating and cooling functions offers a great alternative for when you don't want to run the air conditioning and avoid the laborious job of hand washing every item after ever meal with an inbuilt mini dishwasher.

Entertainment is flashier than ever before with options like a 240V Smart TV, a portable laser 4K projector, and both internal and external cinema screens, making your Friday night movie experience exceptional. Stay connected with the latest in satellite or mobile hotspot technology.

Upgrading from the previously offered outdoor workbench, the new in-built slide-out camp kitchen includes appliances like a woodfire electric BBQ with air fryer, roasting, grilling, and smoking functions.

To simplify your camping shopping list, we've got table/chairs and "ready to escape" packs available, all featuring built-in solutions. We're taking the fuss out of camping and bringing you the comforts of home, with the best part being you get to pick your outlook for the night.


Option Up

  • Inbuilt Coffee Machine Inbuilt Coffee Machine
  • Inbuilt Mini Dishwasher Inbuilt Mini Dishwasher
  • Portable 4K projector Portable 4K projector
  • Bladeless Fan Bladeless Fan
  • Woodfire BBQ Woodfire BBQ
  • 43” Smart QLED 4K TV  43” Smart QLED 4K TV