Walkthrough of the VW Trakkadu Campervan

Walkthrough of the VW Trakkadu Campervan


The Trakkadu campervan product has been a standout in the Australian pop top campervan scene since 2005. Based on the Volkswagen Transporter T6.1 long wheel base (L 5.3m), this VW camper doubles as your highly spec’d everyday driver and escape machine for the weekends away or extended camping adventures.

The Trakkadu interior layout, operation and level of specification remains constant among all models, but TRAKKA offer 3 model variations and a comprehensive list of options (both vehicle and conversion), allowing you to still personalise.

Trakkadu 340

  • Engine: 2L 110kW turbo diesel with 340Nm of Torque

Trakkadu 450

  • Engine: 2L 146kW bi-turbo diesel with 450Nm of Torque

Starting with the most recognisable TRAKKA feature of the Trakkadu is our pop top roof. Closed, the roof is aerodynamic and low in profile (with the side roll out awning integrated into the fibreglass roof shape). When it comes time for camping, we find the most functional way to get the vehicle ready for camping is to simply swivel the 2 front seats (voila, you’ve utilised the whole front cabin), open the sliding side door and “pop” the roof open. Operating the roof is made simple with gas strut assisted lifting action, while the tilted angle of the roof (as opposed to a flat lifting roof) gives you 2.24m of interior standing height towards the front.

Further the reasoning behind the tilted roof is to increase the amount of ventilation and flow of air throughout the interior and also provide lots of stability in adverse windy weather (the rear of the roof is permanently and securely fastened and allows you to park in a direction that deflects the wind).

From here you have the choice to zip open the PolyUrethane coated roof sleeve to expose a flyscreen at the front and 2 sides OR unzip the roof sleeve all together for a full Safari-like experience and view if bugs aren’t a worry at the time! It’s the ultimate way to experience a sunset over the horizon or allow as much air flow as possible.

To further protect from the bugs without compromising airflow, there’s a concertina-style screen for the sliding side door and a rear annexe (pocket tent-like) that fits over the rear tailgate.

A roll-out side awning has 2 in-built arms that secure to the side of the vehicle for maximum strength and both the passenger and sliding side door can be used even with the awning out. An LED strip light sits above the sliding side door.

The next step to your camping set up process could be to unlock the multi-position table from the storage spot in the side door. Table is then used either internally on the rail that runs along the kitchen bench or set up externally on the rail fitted to the side door.

Moving now to the choice of rear seat/bed system. New and standard to the Trakkadu is the Smart Bed seat system (featured in video), which sits on 2 rails and slides back and forth. The versatility in this seat is that you can travel with the seat in any position along the rails - have the kids positioned up nice and close to you for perfect snack distributing or to allow for bigger boot storage at the rear. Need more internal living space? Slide the seat all the way back towards the rear of the van. We’ve found this particularly useful for transporting things like shopping or packing to go away when you have a tight garage and want to mainly use the side door.

To convert to a bed, for the sake of describing, assume seat is starting from our conventional ‘driving position’ of ‘not all the way forward and not all the way back’ (remembering there is no one position that you have to travel with the seat in):

  1. Pull out headrests
  2. Unlock the 2 levers under the bed
  3. Slide the bed back towards rear of the vehicle
  4. Lock the 2 levers underneath again
  5. Holding the centre handle and using some momentum, slide the seat section forward,using body weight lean on the seat section and then rear back rest, your body weight will flatten backrest out to a bed.

The bedroom is completed by pulling up all the window blinds and dimming the integrated strip LED lighting by simple touch of concealed switches.

To become a seat again, simply pull the red ‘Smart Bed’ lever and the seat will form an upright position. Once upright, unlock the levers to slide the whole system to desired travel position and lock again into place.


Bed (L 2.0m W 1.2m)

Under bed clearance (H 245mm W 759mm)

Maximum boot length to end of the seat (1240mm) - keep in mind storage is open under the bed as well allowing for storage of longer items

The option for our Trakkadu rear seat/bed is to upgrade to the traditional Volkswagen bed/seat sliding system with in-built foam mattress overlay. With this system, the operation is slightly more automated, whereby it automatically locks into any position along the rails and to make the beds; fold back headrests, slide forward, pull of fabric loop and and again using body weight to push the backrest down to meet a rear bed platform (which is completely removable).

Moving to the centre of the camper - think cooking, living, dining space. TRAKKA are offering two packages for how you cook and power the house appliances.

There’s our standard, traditional diesel fuelled cooktop, which can hold a couple pots at once and utilises the fuel from the main tank. Eliminating the need for LPG, TRAKKA have been using this technology for over a decade. It is an incredible, efficient use of power and fuel - averaging 0.25L/Hr and minimal house battery. Paired with the standard 100Ah Lithium battery and 250W roof mounted solar system, you’ve got a more than competent machine for remote camping.

A new optional package now offered on the Trakkadu is the E-Pack, whereby the diesel fuelled cooktop is replaced with a single burner induction cooktop. This cooktop features 3 power settings to help personalise/converse house battery required - use high power for boiling water quickly or low power for a slower cooking. There’s an instant cool down when the pot/pan is removed and the stove itself is portable and can be used outside (exterior power outlet included). To ensure enough power, the house battery is upgraded to 200Ah Lithium and package includes 2000W inverter (as cooktop works only using 240V, also allows you to use things like a laptop charger or small Nespresso machine away from powered sites).

There’s a sliding window over the cooking facilities to provide cross flow of air and all rear windows include built-in sliding insect screens. Next to the induction cooktop is a hot/cold sink with lid that utilises bench space when not in use. Water is heated via an heat exchange (using the running engine to heat). In the E-Pack, there’s a hidden cupboard on left side of the cooktop with 240V outlet and whether you opt for diesel cooktop or the E-Pack option, a hidden cabinet on the right hand side of the sink houses control panels for the electrical monitoring system, inverter (if included) and switches to the water pump. This is also where the optional diesel fuelled heater would be controlled from.

Both the kitchen bench and table top are constructed from compact 3D laminate found in all TRAKKA campers offering an easily stowed, extremely strong, durable solution. The table slides along the rail so you’re able to move around the interior comfortably during meal prep. Under the kitchen bench is a 85L fridge/freezer with removable shelves for personalisation of height. Next to the fridge is TRAKKA’s signature roller shutter door opening to cutlery, drawer and slide-out crockery storage.

Moving along towards the rear of the Trakkadu campervan (sort of where your seat usually sits) is a wardrobe with 3 shelves and roller shutter doors so you’re not opening cupboards out awkwardly. Under the wardrobe and still integrated into your vehicle is the 50L fresh and 30L grey water tanks as well as access to house battery and chargers. This keeps vital appliances/systems protected even in off road driving conditions.

Now that you have an initial visual understanding of the layout, TRAKKA have been able to offer an even more in-depth run through with our expert team in person or via video call, where we can answer any of your queries.

Appointments can be made:

Phone: 02 8294 8590 (sales option)

Email: sales@trakka.com.au

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