Akuna A2M Motorhome Interior Tour

Akuna A2M Motorhome Interior Tour

Before we head inside TRAKKA’s A2M camper, we’ll take a quick review of the exterior. Measuring at a very compact 5.99m in length, this motorhome stands at 2.72m high in 2WD. Standard to this compact home on wheels, are easy-to-use sliding side and rear concertina-style door screens. These keep the interior airy, while keeping bugs at bay.

Under the electrically operated awning with dimming LED strip lighting, you have the option to upgrade the alfresco experience with an outdoor work bench that secures to the side of the camper and hot/cold wash up facility that doubles as an outdoor shower.

A rear-accessed boot with LED strip lighting (L 680mm, H 550mm, W 790mm) provides easy service access to battery & water systems with plenty of room for camping and outdoor essentials. If you’ve opted for the outdoor workbench and basin, you’ll find it stowed neatly into the passenger side rear door.

Moving inside and starting at the front of the Crafter, standard is the 2L 130kW turbo Diesel engine with 410Nm of Torque with 8 speed fully automatic transmission. The A2M converts from van to comfortable home in moments. Front seats swivel to utilise the whole cabin, providing plenty of legroom and an area to sit, read or set up the multi-position dining table to prepare a meal, watch a Netflix doco or enjoy a nightcap over a game of cards.

Moving down the driver’s side there is a 90L fridge/freezer at chest height for practical access to food and drinks. Above the fridge is a microwave hidden behind TRAKKA’s signature roller shutter, which operates when the vehicle is plugged into 240V power or from the standard 2000W inverter when camping remotely.

Continue moving down the motorhome past the fridge is a spacious fibreglass bathroom module with a very wide access entry (800mm wall to wall) with sliding screen door. Plenty of headroom (H 1940mm in 2WD and 1840mm in AWD) and depth (725mm) allows for uncramped showering, changing or simply brushing teeth. The swivel toilet stays out of the way from the basin and the ducted room heating means you’ve also got a drying room for wet goods.

Cross over to the galley to passenger side of the camper, the sliding side door offers a well ventilated, light kitchen space. The bench (and tabletops) is constructed from compact 3D laminate found in all TRAKKA campers offering a thin, extremely strong, durable solution. There’s a deep sink with bench top lid that can be utilised as extra bench when not in use and a bench extension that slides out the end of the bench to give you even more room when you’re using the cooker and sink simultaneously. Don’t forget you have the ability to set up the dining table right beside you, so not running out of room when preparing a extravagant meal. As part of the kitchen unit are 2 large drawers and another on the end, all with soft close function and handles that lock into place when closed.

The cooking facilities feature a portable induction cooktop that can be used on the kitchen bench inside or outside (with the workbench upgrade). Like the microwave, it operates when plugged into 240V or remotely using the inverter. You have the choice of a number of power settings (such as 500W or as much as 1500W) so you’re only using what you power you need and offered more variety depending if you’re wanting to cook something slower or require a fast heat up such as boiling a pot of water.

There’s drinking water filtration, while the kitchen sink is provided with hot/cold water from the fully integrated 140L fresh water tank and flows through to the 80L grey water tank. Above the kitchen is access to all your appliance control panels. The main control panel monitors water tank levels, power output and input with the press of a button. To heat the water or turn on the ducted room heating, is all done via a simple to use control panel for the diesel fuelled combined water/room heater. Diesel fuelled? So no LPG and only filling of one fuel tank, we like it!

The A2M’s Lithium battery system can also be monitored from a smart phone app via Bluetooth. Standard to the electrical package is a 200Ah Lithium battery, 40Amp AC battery charger, 40Amp DC/solar charger and 200W roof mounted solar with the option to upgrade to 300Ah Lithium battery and 300W of solar.

For the remainder of the camper interior are overhead lockers all with roller shutter doors so doors are being opened at an awkward head height. There’s crockery set closest to the kitchen, while the remaining 4 lockers feature a sliding shelf and are perfect for folded clothes storage. There’s a hanging rail beside the bathroom for coats and your Sunday best. Under all lockers is integrated and dimmable LED strip lighting offering a modern looking and personalised feature.

Now we find ourselves in the rear of the Crafter, where the A2M’s versatile design really comes to light. Before we get to the bed configurations, under the double layer foam mattresses is a host of hidden storage. On both driver and passenger sides there’s 2 large cupboards (L 800mm, W 590mm, D 260mm), table leg storage and sneaky cupboard good for more valuable items and electronics as well as storage for the boards used to make up the double bed.

The single beds themselves are in a North/South direction (along the vehicle) allowing for easy access in and out of the rear and lovely length (L 1900mm, W 700mm). The beds double as day lounges or another area for dining with space to set up the dining table, especially good if you have the rear barn doors open, insect screen closed and are looking out to a beautiful view. Prefer a double bed configuration? There are 3 boards to set up and the lounge back rest cushions are used to infill the void (L 1900mm,  W 1700mm). Each of the rear and back door opening windows are fitted with insect screens and blinds for full privacy.

Now that you have an initial visual understanding to the layout, TRAKKA are able to offer an even more in depth run through with our expert team in person or via video call, where we can answer any of your queries.

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