TRAKKA Family Rundown: Crafter MWB

TRAKKA Family Rundown: Crafter MWB

TRAKKA Akuna A2M, Delivered August 2020

Having previously owned a Trakkadu campervan, what was it about the next size up of our Akuna A2M? 

The mid sized Akuna appealed to us because we are able to park in parking spots in all towns that we visit. It is under the 6m limit that cannot be exceeded in many regions. We are also able to park it in our own car space. 

We upgraded to the Akuna A2M in 2020 because we wanted a vehicle that would allow us to travel and be COVID safe. It has done this because we never needed to use Caravan park bathroom or laundry facilities. We have been able to enjoy the lifestyle the van provides and it is our own personal bubble - we remain NOVIDS!

The space in the van has allowed us to place a small portable washing machine in the back.

The diesel cooktop does not deplete our battery. We also use a portable butane cooker outside at times.

Insulation is excellent - even in the winter months in Canberra. The insulation is much better than our previous Trakkadu.

The bed is comfortable and cooking is easy to do in the van.

What are your favourite features of the A2M and the VW Crafter mid wheel base?

1. At 5’11” I am able to sleep comfortably in an east/west bed configuration (A2M's introductory layout).
2. The switch mode bathroom appeals to us.
3. Plenty of storage space.
4. Vehicle is easy to drive - feels more like a car than a van.
5. If the weather is inclement - set up is immediate.
6. Hot water, room heating and a private bathroom makes the van feel like home.

What are your favourite things about owning a TRAKKA? 

We value the TRAKKA name after experiencing maintenance issues that were fixed. Nothing was dismissed by TRAKKA and the personal service was above and beyond well as professional and outstanding. 

The quality of the build and design is first class. 

The annual conversion service provided by Motorhome Doctor is also outstanding. 

Where was your last trip to?  

As our van is not All Terrain - we value our van and stick to sealed roads.
We strive to do as much free camping as possible but need to visit parks to top up with water and use their dump points.
Last year we travelled to WA (12,000 kms) and it was 50% parks and free camping.

Any journeys you’re looking forward to? 

August this year we plan to drive to SA and around Victoria.
Note: We have frequently travelled around much of NSW and the East coast. We use our van to visit family in Canberra and for short term stays or getaways.

It is our home away from home!

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