The TRAKKA Motorhome Difference

The TRAKKA Motorhome Difference
We know there's a lot to consider when choosing your perfect way to see and travel Australia, so here at TRAKKA we've kept it as simple as possible. We've packed our van motorhomes (Akuna and Jabiru) to the hilt with a similar level of comfort and convenience features across the board so your biggest decisions are:
  • What are your seating and sleeping preferences?
  • What interior and exterior colours do you like?
  • What base vehicle are you comfortable driving?

Now we get to what TRAKKA have added into your van motorhome to keep you happy in extreme temperatures, extended remote stays or quick overnighters.

Keeping up with the latest in technology, TRAKKA include as standard, a Lithium house battery system and their appropriate chargers. There's 200W of roof mounted solar to help keep the battery topped up for longer and a central control unit to monitor water and battery levels (as well as an app on your phone).

Chargers include 40amp AC charger and 40amp 5 stage Lithium DC/solar charger, meaning you're getting the most out of running your engine, sunlight and being plugged into 240V power. Wanting to charge your phone? There's a host of USB and 12V chargers spread throughout. 

We do have some slight variation in the level of spec between our different length vans but the overall concept is the same. Our mid wheel base models, A2M and J2M, feature a portable single burner induction cooktop with various power levels that can be used inside or outside, 200Ah Lithium house battery and 2000W inverter system. The longer A2/A4 and J2/J4s have a fixed dual burner induction cooktop, 300Ah Lithium house battery and 2600W inverter. 


All TRAKKA motorhomes have integrated 140L fresh water and 80L grey water tanks (to keep them well protected) as well as watermarked drinking water filtration. Water is efficiently heated via a diesel fuelled unit, meaning you don't have to carry gas when travelling.


Temperature control
12V fan with various power levels, concertina style sliding insect screen doors for the side and rear doors and screen/blind system for all motorhome opening windows keep the bugs away and allow for a constant cross flow of air. 

As well as window screens, the side and rear door windows have built in blinds, which will help shade the interior on hot sunny days and help keep the heat in on cold winter nights. Blind frames are also beautifully hidden behind our automotive wall linings to give a seamless finish. 

If you're a traveller keen on the Snowy mountains, desert areas or just like the chill taken off the air in winter, our ducted room heater is going to get a work out! Fuelled once again by diesel fuel, this sealed heater unit with external ventilation keeps your living area, bedroom and bathroom toasty warm without compromising the interior air quality. 

Wall and door closed cell foam insulation works alongside the screens and heater to help take the sting out of extremes and regulate internal temperatures better. 


Multi-ball bearing drawer runners give a soft closing function just as you'd expect in your home, meanwhile self-locking drawer handles are easy to grab and require no 2nd motion to lock into place. All TRAKKA kitchens have cutlery separators and the sink comes standard with a lid in the same construction as table tops so they can be used as a bench extension. 

Unsure what crockery to buy with your new motorhome? Don't worry, TRAKKA include 4 dinner plates, 4 side plates, 4 bowls and 4 mugs to all models, as well as a secure storage system to keep all in place when things get bumpy!


There's no second guessing when you come across a TRAKKA van. We've been producing innovative and striking look interiors now for 50 years. 

Integrated LED strip lighting system features in the awning, boot, front cab, underneath storage lockers and under benches to give the feeling of a floating kitchen cabinet. Providing form and function, the inconspicuous and flush light switches are operated with a simple touch for activation and dimming.

TRAKKA’s slim bench and table tops are thin, incredibly durable and fully
water resistant construction. The compact 3D laminate is environmentally friendly, suitable for food preparation, so simple to store and certainly not overpowering in a compact space.

We took some inspiration from the boating industry when it comes to floor covering, because everything needs to be built for withstanding the outdoors right? The foam padded woven vinyl flooring is soft under foot, textured to hide marks, easy to sweep or wipe clean and ready for heavy foot traffic. What goes under the vinyl is even more impressive. An extremely lightweight composite composition means you've got a very strong, incredibly high water resistance floor and more payload to load your gear where we've saved on the weight.

Roller shutter overhead locker doors provide smooth operation and practical storage solution. No opening cupboard doors into your face and features a spacey, modern appearance. Aluminium corner profiles give a sophisticated finish to the lockers. 

Interior roof and walls are covered in a passenger car-like roof lining, smooth material to give a seamless and well finished presence as well as hide bulky window blind frames. 


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