Reveling in the Finer Points: Trak Flooring

Reveling in the Finer Points: Trak Flooring

Explore the ground-level innovations in TRAKKA campers, where our subfloor goes beyond the ordinary, offering more than just a layer of heavy ply on top of a steel vehicle. When selecting flooring materials, key considerations include lightweight design for optimal payload, water resistance to ensure longevity, and resistance to mold and mildew.


In a TRAKKA conversion, a TPV sub floor is made up of a mixture of polypropylene plastic and EPDM rubber, providing an incredibly tough, compact with extreme temperature resistant properties and resistant to water, most acids and oils, so you know this product is going to stand the test of time and bring comfort underfoot - essential for extended touring. 


The Topper

In the past, TRAKKA utilised a durable marine carpet on top of a ply floor, but in 2017, we revolutionised the concept with the launch of the new VW Crafter. Our choice? A cushioned, luxury woven vinyl flooring, designed for heavy traffic, lightweight, and exceptionally easy to clean (e.g. sand, mud, food). It not only offers support but also a soft underfoot feel. Combined with the composite subfloor, this creates an unparalleled comfort and clever flooring solution suitable for long term touring.

And here's an extra bonus: it's pet-friendly and offered in two practical colourways!

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