Revamped Interior Unveiled for the Akuna A2

Revamped Interior Unveiled for the Akuna A2

Get ready to be impressed as the newest Akuna A2, based on the Volkswagen Crafter LWB and measuring a spacious 6.84 meters, is set to roll off the production line. In this sneak peek, we'll delve into the refreshed front area and bathroom design that promise to elevate your motorhome experience.

One of the standout features of the updated Akuna A2 is the revamped front sitting and dining space. Boasting a more open feel, this motorhome provides an enhanced atmosphere for relaxation and socializing. Measuring up to the Volkswagen Crafter LWB, the interior offers increased legroom, allowing for a more comfortable and flexible living experience. The improved layout also provides added flexibility for storing items under the fridge or somewhere for your fury companion.

Stepping into the bathroom of the latest Akuna A2 and you'll discover a design that prioritises simplicity and practicality. The uncomplicated layout ensures ease of use, while thoughtfully integrated storage solutions keep your toiletries organised and easily accessible. What sets this motorhome apart is the wide doorway that not only facilitates effortless entrance but also maintains the spaciousness of the interior. No need to compromise – the Akuna A2 seamlessly combines functionality with a roomy feel.

Stay tuned in coming weeks for a comprehensive walkthrough video tour and a collection of updated imagery that captures every angle of the enhanced Akuna A2. We wanted to give you a sneak peek inside before the big reveal, and we guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Exciting news! If everything aligns, we've only got one single Volkswagen Crafter long wheel base ready to join our production lineup early next year. Layout and option details can be personalised to you.

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