NEW JCrew: Sneak Insight

NEW JCrew: Sneak Insight


While there’s a couple of renders to share from our design gurus (final product a couple weeks away), we thought it’d be enlightening to give you an initial rundown.


The JCrew van motorhome design is the most beautiful hybrid of our Jabiru models, incorporating many elements of our J2M variant with hints from the J2 and J4. But on the sleeping side of things we’ve upped the ante and integrated the highlight feature of our Trakkadu campervan, the pop top roof. 

We have used the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter LWB Crew Van and launching initially in rear wheel drive. This Sprintervan conversion features a 3-seater bench behind the driver and passenger seat, offering a spacious interior with open front layout and ample space for living, touring and storing. These interiors are packed with everything you could ever need, making it perfect for travellers wanting to take friends or families of 4 or 5.

Step in JCrew. 


Like all TRAKKA’s the front driver and passenger seat swivel, utilising the front cab to meet the bench seat, forming a huge formal dining and lounge area. 

A large removable dining table offers space for eating, meal prep (freeing up your kitchen) or work space. The bench seat itself, while including 3 seat belts, also comes with child anchor points so if you’ve got little ones, they don’t get left behind. 


This is where the design gets really interesting! JCrew offers formal sleeping for 4 people as standard, whether it’s 4 adults or you’re bringing the kids.

At the rear, JCrew features a permanent North/South bed (1930mm long), so no bed setting up at night and you’ve got a front lounging area that can be used simultaneously. Underneath is a massive garage area, accessed from the rear. For our action adventurers, we have the option for a slide out tray, which will comfortably house 3 mountain bikes. The area has a floor length of 1800mm and height of 880mm. The services such as battery and hot water systems are all housed down the driver’s side. 

For sleeping additional passengers, the pop top roof offers separate sleeping quarters for another 2 people (adults or kids) with a 1900mm long bed. Like our Trakkadu campervan, the roof has gas struts for assisted easy lift as well as the recognisable tilted design and Safari-style screened roof sleeve for maximum ventilation. Access to the bed can either be via the driver’s seat or a supplied ladder. 


Coming straight from our Jabiru J2M, the bathroom module offers a cassette toilet, hot water shower, plenty of standing height and ducted room heating, all accessed internally from within your home on wheels. 


From the kitchen we have a deep sink with durable composite lid, that doubles as bench space, and an induction cooktop that sits flush on the bench and can be removed for outside use. Under the bench there’s ample drawer storage, including a cutlery tray, 90L fridge/freezer and microwave.


TRAKKA have included a 110L fresh water tank and 70L grey water tank, both fully secured and protected with steel plates. The grey water tank also has an electric dump valve (with manual override) so you’re not having to crawl under a vehicle to release a valve every time the tank needs to be emptied. There’s drinking water filtration and an option outside for a wash up facility / additional exterior shower (hot & cold water of course).


No skimping on our high level spec, you’ve got all the regulars: 300Ah Lithium house battery, 40amp chargers, portable induction cooktop, diesel fuelled hot water and ducted room heating. The pop roof includes a 250W solar charging system (with the option to double the capacity) to ensure the Lithium battery system stays replenished. 

Familiar TRAKKA equipment packed in includes LED dimmable strip lighting, automotive wall linings, woven vinyl flooring, composite durable bench tops, soft close drawers and plenty of overhead locker storage with roller shutter doors.

There’s a portable step, huge roll out awning and sliding concertina-style rear insect screen door. All opening windows have concealed blind and screen systems and there’s a 12V fan to keep air flowing through.


Pricing for RWD starts at $216,865 drive away. TRAKKA are offering a host of upgrades aside from ones already mentioned such as brunt bar and wings protection, outdoor work bench, air conditioning and Starlink connectivity. 


Get set for a summer like never before with the upcoming release of the new JCrew! Be the first to experience its incredible features by joining our sales experts in the second half of September for test drives featuring the new engine/transmission and onsite demos, or hop on a video call tour if you can't make it to Mt. Kuring-Gai HQ right away. 

And that's not all – with rear wheel drive options ready for touring as early as October, TRAKKA is here to ensure you and your family make the most out of this year's summer adventures. Don't miss out on the chance to redefine your holidays – JCrew and TRAKKA are your ticket to an unforgettable journey on the road!

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