With 2.0L 140kW turbo diesel and 9-speed automatic transmission, our Mercedes-Benz Sprinter based Jabiru motorhome offers model size and layout variations to suit all travel needs. Choose your layout with either mid wheel base 2 seater or long wheel base 2 and 4 seaters. The Jabiru is offered standard in All Wheel Drive and intended for both on road comfort and off road adventuring.





6m 2-Seater



Jabiru J2

Luxury 2 Seater with off road capability



Jabiru J4

Luxury 4 Seater with off road capability


Key Features

See It on the Big Screen

The Mercedes-Benz User Experience Multimedia system is upgraded with a stunning 10.25 inch screen, think along the lines of an A-Class passenger car experience. The system is controlled either via either the steering wheel controls, the digital touchscreen or new voice control system. 

New to the multimedia system is Smart Phone integration for iPhone or Android. View messages, make phone calls easily and play Spotify music using the digital touch screen. This system also comes with radio, Bluetooth and improved navigation. 

The large screen also assists the driver with the new 360 degree surround view camera and Park Assist. Using 4 cameras, a panoramic and bird's eye view is created for speeds up to 3km/hr. The driver is also warned of obstacles in front of and behind the motorhome. 

Switch Mode

Built for convenience and comfort, the A2M features TRAKKA’s patented Switch Mode Bathroom; an electrically sliding toilet that hides under the basin designed to keep the toilet from getting saturated while showering and leave more room for movement within the bathroom. Combined with a raised shower grate, ducted diesel heating and an offset sliding bathroom door, travellers can enjoy easy and wide entry to the bathroom, more leg room when seated; and confidence that they won’t be standing in a puddle of water after showering. This module doubles as a drying room, provides a much more comfortable bathroom solution during the colder months, and essentially bridges the gap between campervan and motorhome.






Break Resistant

Extra durable and chip resistant Corelle crockery with Vitrelle technology and matching stoneware mugs securely stored in overhead lockers.


Electrically or manually operated, the awning opens without needing to close side door. Sturdy spring arms & patented tension arms assist wind resistance.

In-Built Luxury

See It on the Big Screen

Clean Living

Rubber backed kitchen flooring is a woven vinyl construction. Designed to withstand living outdoors, high traffic & prevent bacterial growth.

Cook with Care

Induction cooktop and 2000W inverter options allow for quick, lightweight portable cooking, grilling and toasting. This option works well alongside our diesel cooktop.

Day Spa

Electric sliding toilet that hides under the basin when showering. 

Dynamic Capacity

Standard lithium electrical system of 200Ah house battery, 240V charger, DC2DC and solar five stage charger. More usable capacity, better charge efficiency and longer life.

Max Headroom

The TRAKKA overhead locker has been reinvented with a sexy trapezoid shape design to maximise storage, while retaining head space underneath.

More Storage Thanks

Quick zap of leftovers or TRAKKA can leave out the microwave and leave you with additional storage space for other appliances.

Netflix & Chill

Can’t give up Netflix & Foxtel? Opt for the GSM cellular antenna to use with your iPad for a more online and comprehensive digital experience when travelling. 

Pure H2O

Leading Aussie brand Freshly Squeezed drinking water filtration system is watermarked & incorporates Snap-seal technology.


Aluminium ‘pull open’ system of drawer handles ensure ergonomics , superior functionality that allows user to unlock or lock in a single movement.


The ultimate concealer of clutter. Elegant roller shutter doors for bathroom & lockers glide on a track for effortless use without impeding on living space.

Shielded Water

140L fresh and 80L grey water tanks integrated into the motorhome to safeguard against potential hazards underneath when driving. 

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TRAKKA’s van based motorhome range, JABIRU, is based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter off road AWD. Offering a 2 seater layout in the 6m mid wheel base van and a 2 seater or 4 seater layout in the 7.1m long wheel base van. 

JABIRU motorhome is defined by permanent internal standing height, formal internal bathroom module, clearly defined areas for sitting/cooking/sleep all the while being built within the confides of the Sprinter van.

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