Reveling in the Finer Points: Interior Panelling

Reveling in the Finer Points: Interior Panelling

Beyond the surface, where every detail matters, lies a world of innovation meticulously crafted into our campervans. Delve deeper into our features list to uncover how we redefine comfort, aesthetics, and functionality, making each TRAKKA vehicle not just a mode of travel but a mobile sanctuary tailored for those who seek a premium and unparalleled experience on the road.

It sounds so simple, but using the right material on internal wall and roof panelling can make a huge difference to the overall finished look. When playing around with different textures, a multi-layered aesthetic still need to feel like everything ties in together. We’re integrating lighting, minimising edging, hiding blind frames and using buttonless roller doors on overhead lockers. 

In Akuna and Jabiru van motorhomes ranges, TRAKKA use a foam-backed knit scrim, setting the standard by creating a light, neat luxurious atmosphere without accentuating every bump or feeling like everything is too blindingly sterile. It feels cosy, while maintaining the practicality for life on the road. What’s really achieved is a high end automotive feel combined with the features of a modern living space.

In a motorhome size TRAKKA, these wall linings are used to conceal bulky blind and fly screen frames and transform the interior commercial steel van into a home. The rear bedroom spaces in particular don’t feel overly busy, leaving your chosen bedding and homewares to take the spotlight. 

Immerse yourself in the essence of TRAKKA's commitment to crafting more than just campervans but personalised sanctuaries on wheels. To truly appreciate the artistry and comfort woven into every detail, we invite you to experience a TRAKKA camper in person. Visit our showroom or connect with our team over FaceTime to witness how the right materials transform your experience and every detail matters.

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