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Introducing the Trakkit Fridge module - your ultimate solution to keep drinks and food refreshingly chilled during all your adventures. Whether it's day trips, overnight stays, or extended journeys, maintaining the perfect temperature is imperative. Thankfully, TRAKKA has taken the hassle out of the equation with the Fridge Module, boasting a 12V/240V 35L fridge thoughtfully paired with an inbuilt interlocking cabinet system for secure travel.

Experience the freedom of portability, as this versatile fridge can accompany you to the campfire, picnic, or BBQ. And when paired with the Trakkit Power Module (or your preferred power source), it becomes a reliable companion at the side or rear Trakkit mount in your vehicle, ensuring you enjoy cold refreshments and delightful meals wherever your travels take you. Say goodbye to food worries and embrace the convenience of the Trakkit Fridge Module on your next journey!

  • 35L portable fridge
  • Interlocking cabinet system
  • Powerstation connection

Download dimension of fridge module here.

Download dimensions of a fully kitted rear mounted Trakkit system here.

Download dimensions of a fully kitted side mounted Trakkit system here.

Step 1: Initial Module Position - The fitting of the module starts with the module being aligned with the line marking on the mount that allows for easy insertion.

Step 2: Alignment - The user positions the module bracket adjacent to the receiving slot, ensuring that the interlocking components are properly aligned.

Step 3: Sliding - With a controlled force, the user begins to slide the alloy steel interlocking bracket into the receiving slot. The surface of the bracket comes into contact with the edges of the slot, providing guidance during the insertion process.

Step 4: Interlocking Mechanism - As the bracket slides further into the slot, the interlocking mechanism engages that securely fit into corresponding slots on the receiving counterpart.

Step 5: Resistance - At this point, the interlocking components might encounter some resistance, as they snugly fit into their designated positions. The user may need to exert a bit more force to overcome this resistance. User will see the module line up at the face with other modules or the mount.

Step 6: Locking - Once the interlocking components are fully engaged, a noticeable tactile feedback indicates that the bracket is now in its locked position. The locking mechanism prevents accidental disengagement and ensures a secure connection.

Step 7: Securing the Trakkey - Once the composite square key is fully inserted (position marked), it acts as an additional securing element. It prevents any unintended movement or dislodging of the alloy steel interlocking bracket, enhancing the overall stability of the assembly.