Crafter Seikel Engine Gearbox and AdBlue Guard

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  • 5 mm aluminium protection plate Desert Plus for engine and the AdBlue®-tank
  • Protects both parts against stone chips
  • Includes all fitting parts

In order to maintain the driving safety and function of all moving and electrical parts, we recommend removing the vehicle underbody from heavy soiling.
For this purpose, the existing protection plates of the vehicle underbody (for example engine, transmission, tank & rear axle) should be dismantled.
In this case, a regular cleaning is senseful, e.g. at the end of the winter half-year, on and after each use in difficult terrain with e.g. Mud, sand / gravel and water passages.

Note: This product is not suitable as a jacking surface.

Fitment Instructions

1461 0011 and 1461 0007

Pricing is parts supply only.
Fitment can be quoted separately please make an enquiry. 
Pickup or freight available.