Trakkadu 340

The Trakkadu 340 is a package for smoothly sailing. This camper suits travellers wanting car-like driving both through the city and on the great Australian highways. Available in either front wheel drive or 4Motion All Wheel Drive for more grip in those slippery conditions, this 2.0L 110kW Turbo Diesel powered vehicle doubles as a second family car or something a little more special to get you to work.

The combination of Volkswagen’s latest T6.1 Transporter and comprehensive list of TRAKKA standard conversion features will ensure your weekend getaways and longer term touring will be done in complete comfort, especially if the Outback bush bashing isn’t for you.

Key Features


The T6.1 Trakkadu camper's pop top roof sleeve is made from PU coated material, making it lightweight, highly water resistant and flexible. The bespoke sleeve features three extra large screened windows, one on either side and one at the front. This allows for plenty of cross flow of air within the campervan and combined with the tilted roof design, hot air can be quickly ventilated out on those hot Aussie summer nights. 

Personalise the amount of ventilation and natural light within the camper with the screened windows. Keep the windows zipped for full privacy or unzip the windows, roll & tuck away neatly for more surround views and open feeling.

Diesel Gets You Cooking

TRAKKA have found diesel fuelled cooking technology provides a smarter, versatile cooking solution. The diesel stove is easy to use and it's simple design enables you to comfortably cook inside, no matter the weather outside.

With no gas to source or store and no open flame within the Trakkadu vehicle, the diesel cooktop provides a single safe fuel source, using a minimal average of 0.2L/hr. Fuel is drawn directly from the main tank and the stove is powered efficiently from the 12 Volt house battery so you can be in the middle of nowhere for an extended period of time, relying on just the one fuel source.

The ceramic plate is heat adjustable and capable of housing a couple of pots or pans at one time as well as toasting directly on the plate. See our cooktop in action on the TRAKKA YouTube channel. 

Dine In or Out

Providing flexibility and practicality both in and out of the vehicle, the Trakkadu multi-position TrakLite table has been designed to ergonomically serve you whether you’re eating breakfast inside, playing cards in the evening or hosting sunset drinks outside your campervan. With a height adjustable folding leg to thwart uneven surfaces, this table can be moved along an interior or exterior rail as required. 

Offering additional meal preparation space within the vehicle it’s sliding function, ensures you can always enjoy easy access to your fridge and drawers within the kitchen. Further enhancing outdoor living, this multi-use table also alleviates the need to carry an additional camping table. When not in use, this table can be stored securely in the sliding door so as not to affect taller driver's seating position orinterior space.

Fly Flat: First Class

Need increased boot space or more from your living area? Thanks to a sliding rear seat system, the Trakkadu provides numerous seating positions for dining, travelling or carrying bulky items. While the Trakkadu features ADR approved seating for four people, two rear passenger seat belts are built into the seat so passengers can travel anywhere along the cabin rails. 

The sliding rear seat system is complete with foldaway headrests for passenger comfort, adjustable backrest and a simple to use bed mechanism. To convert to a bed, simply push one button and the headrests will drop behind the seat, and pull on a lever at the buckle to flatten the bed;  this will meet the back bed platform. To switch the bed back to it's seat form, simply pull the lever a second time.

Mission Control

Forget moving around the vehicle to check important capacities! The Trakkadu Electronic Control Panel is hidden away in an easy access cupboard along with stove operation panel, 12V and 240V charging points and optional diesel heater dial. This new position avoids accidental bumps when moving around the interior and keeps the interior looking sleek and clean.  The digital touch screen panel enables you to test with the push of a button. Check and analyse 12 Volt house battery condition and monitor water tank levels with a percentage and graphic reading as well as check internal and external temperatures. 

Pop Top

Over 4 decades, TRAKKA have been perfecting the design of the pop top roof. In the driving position, a Trakkadu roof can be easily identified from the aerodynamic front deflector and low profile, sleek exterior look, together with an integrated side awning. From the inside, the roof is securely locked with two latches for driving. To employ simply use the two integrated handles to push the lightweight roof up as the gas strut assisted lift kicks into gear.

When open, the tilted roof provides exceptional structural integrity in adverse weather as it only lifts at one end. The construction offers superior insulation,encourages air movement throughout the interior and provides over 2.1 metres of standing room for cooking, standing and getting out of seats.

Revolutionary Seating

Designed as a standard within all Trakkadu campervans, both front driver and passenger seats include Volkswagen swivel bases. This means when driving, both front camper seats sit at the same height. To go from touring vehicle into home for the evening, simply rotate from driving position into the main cabin.

Utilising the whole front cab, the Trakkadu offers optimum seating space and comfort for four people. Even with only a couple of people, where you might prefer to sit while dining, meal prepping or watch the optional TV becomes a lot more flexible. The front seats also come standard with adjustable armrests and lumbar support so comfort is ensured when lounging and on extended expeditions.

Smooth Operator

While the Volkswagen T6.1 Trakkadu is primed for adventure, its advantage is it drives like a passenger car and is just as happy in the suburbs as it in the bush. The 7-speed automatic Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG); standard on every Trakkadu model, offers consistent power delivery, fantastic fuel economy, seamless gear changes and greater control in how YOU want it to drive.  It combines the ease of a conventional automatic transmission with the sporty feeling of a manual transmission.

The DSG has two driving modes: Normal and Sport. In the Sport mode, the DSG extends the gears further and if required, can change down sooner too. Using Tiptronic mode, the gear changes can also be executed manually. The DSG internally consists of two independent gearbox units and the clutch is always actuated completely automatically.

Led There Be Light

Whether you’re inside or out, personalise the ambience and set the mood with the Trakkadu’s generous interior and exterior lighting features. Coupled with beautifully integrated strip lighting found right throughout, and touch switching sensors for each light with dimming function, this camper’s lighting features are easy to use sans dials and bulky switches. Creating a lighting effect that is both modern and functional space, TRAKKA’s design team have moved from basic straight-lined shapes to incorporate the curves that match various parts of the interior; a concept that is unique to anything else on the market.


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