Jabiru J2

Built for touring, the Jabiru is one of the most refined and impressive motorhomes on the market and a seasoned performer on any road. Based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Long Wheel Base, the 3L V6 Turbo Diesel Jabiru is ideal for those seeking a deluxe getaway and can be driven on a standard car licence.

At 7.1 m in length, the Jabiru J2 offers long north/south single beds, a generous rear day lounge capability and a thoughtfully curated interior space.

Key Features

Sanctuary within Your Sanctuary

Because we’re in the business of making sure you’re more than comfortable while you’re on and off the road, we’ve created the Jabiru 2S complete with 2 metre long north/south single beds that can form a double mattress, this Sprinter conversion bedroom features double memory foam layer and Enduro foam composition. Both single beds hinge at the head end (reading anyone?), and can double as a daybed/lounge. 

Overhead, a large opening skylight can be replaced by optional air conditioning if preferred. With hanging space, four opening windows, and drawer storage underneath the beds, the bedroom is an open oasis throughout both the day and night.
*Side pods optional

Dynamic Capacity

Standard across the new Jabiru fleet, the Enerdrive electrical system is a power and supply system that comprises of 200Ah Lithium house battery, 240V Lithium charger, DC2DC and solar five stage Lithium charger and optional 2000W inverter. All those partial to off the beaten track adventure rejoice, because this system almost doubles the time you can free camp. The Lithium Battery System offers drivers more usable capacity, it’s boasts better charge efficiency and faster charging time, offers consistent high voltage through it’s cycle and has more life cycles. 

In addition to the tech electrical system, TRAKKA’s monitoring system is controlled via a Smartphone app and touchscreen, which makes it easy to keep an eye on water levels, battery condition, power in/out, and vehicle leveling. You’ll also find USB and 12V charging points right throughout the interior. Perhaps it's time to put the Nespresso coffee machine on then?

Day Spa

Advanced, efficient and refined TRAKKA is well known for its motorhome Switch Mode Bathroom – an electric sliding toilet that hides under the basin. Engineered with luxury and comfort in mind, the idea behind this patented feature is to keep the toilet dry when showering and to provide a much larger showering space.  

In the latest generation TRAKKA van motorhomes, we have widened and re-positioned the bathroom entry door for easier access; furthermore the toilet not only slides in and out electrically, it also swivels, giving the user even more legroom when seated.  The fiberglass module offers more standing room thanks to a substantial cutout in the roof during production, plenty of visible and hidden drawer storage, waterproof toilet paper holder and showering toiletry storage.

The Greatest Outdoors

From our experience we know that time spent outside your TRAKKA is just as important as the time spent inside; so we’ve weaved our creativity into an optional Alfresco Pack to write home about as well as electric side entry step and an awning that can be operated manually or electrically (with the side door open or closed). But this is more than just an awning; it includes additional support arms, LED strip lighting with a dimming function as well as touch tactile switching. 

Offering practicality and efficiency, the Alfresco Pack upgrades you from 200 to 300 Watts of solar, an outdoor workbench with collapsible wash up basin and hot/cold water function that doubles as an exterior shower; as well as a secondary LED lighting with touch switching, to light up the workbench. The additional drawer fridge enables you access to your fridge from the inside and outside of your motorhome. Sounds like a pretty great outdoor adventure to us. 

The Camper's Lounge

The lounge area is the heart of this home thanks to comfort seats which we reupholster in your choice of textured heavy duty bold coloured fabric; durable and removable woven vinyl flooring with rubber backing, and a cabinet with drawers behind the driver's seat which house a folding coffee table, dining table mount and dining table storage.  While the dining table is constructed by a new thin material that includes cup holders, the area above is a deep overhead locker that houses crockery and microwave storage.  

The fridge is found in the next bank of cabinetry and provides more efficient space for stacking food, a bigger freezer and more door storage. Left handed or right? This fridge opens either way, which provides easy accessibility in a smaller space. An internal air circulation system ensures it doesn't need to be vented to the exterior of the vehicle; indeed this clever appliance improves cooling performance and reduces power consumption. 

Off Grid Travel? Tick.

There are a few must-haves when it comes to remote travel adventures and the Jabiru ticks all the boxes. For those ready for an outback experience like no other, having efficient, economical and simple to operate functionality that’ll keep you comfortable and on the road (or off road) for longer, is the only way forward. The Jabiru uses a diesel fuelled cooktop and a combined diesel fuelled water/room heater, which is ducted right throughout the cabin, even in the bathroom – just perfect for frosty mornings in the Outback.

The Jabiru boasts new thermal insulation. This 12mm cross-linked closed-cell, polyolefin foam, has been factory bonded to pure reinforced aluminium foil with a lower thermal conductivity than any other flexible insulation material. Simply speaking, it has almost zero vapour permeability, and its all-in-one concept provides superior energy saving performance in a variety of environments.

Then we get to solar, and in the new Jabiru fleet, we’ve included 200W roof mounted solar (300W if you opt for the Alfresco Pack), as well as a sliding side door insect screen (with the option for a rear door screen).

Cook with Care

Induction cooktop and 2000W inverter options allow for lightweight portable cooking, grilling and toasting. This option works well alongside our diesel cooktop.

Clean Living

Rubber backed kitchen flooring is rubber backed is a woven vinyl construction. Designed to withstand living outdoors, high traffic & prevent bacterial growth.


The ultimate concealer of clutter. Elegant roller shutter doors for bathroom & lockers glide on a track for effortless use without impeding on living space.

The Unseen

Window blinds and screens protect the inside from sun and insects. When not in use, they‘re cleverly concealed behind sleek wall lining. 


Aluminium ‘pull open’ system of drawer handles ensure ergonomics , superior functionality that allows user to unlock or lock in a single movement.

Max Headroom

The TRAKKA overhead locker has been reinvented with a sexy trapezoid shape design to maximise storage, while retaining space underneath.

Break Resistant

Extra durable and chip resistant crockery with Vitrelle technology and matching stoneware mugs securely stored in overhead lockers.

One Touch

Electronic touch sensitive switching for LED lighting both inside & outside the motorhome. One touch for on or off and extended touch for dimming function. 

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Jabiru J2


Jabiru J2



Stay in Your Lane

Camera registers clear road markings with Lane Keeping Assist and warns if unintentional lane change is registered. Option with Distronic Plus.


Swivel Freely

The electric parking brake can be operated simple and easily with the push of a button. Its engaged and released this way and allows easy swivel of front seats without hand brake interference. 


We've Got Your Sides Covered

Aside from the front and window airbags, we added side airbags as standard to improve driver and passenger safety in the event of a side impact collision.


Gone With the Wind

In strong gusts of wind, Crosswind Assist helps driver stay on course.


Stay Woke

Attention Assist monitors signs and warns of driver fatigue on long trips


Quick! Brake!

Active Brake Assist activates at > 7km/hr. Warns of possible collisions and brakes if driver not quick enough.


Blind Spot Sorted

When changing lane or on multi lane roads, Blind Spot Assist warns driver of vehicles sitting in blind spot.


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"The many features that Trakka have managed to fit within the 7 metre length and 2 metre width of the Mercedes Sprinter van have supplied this extra comfort in spades and still delight us every trip. We still comment on how complete the Jabiru package is and cannot think of any way they could improve on it." - Morgan & Noela

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