Built for touring, the Jabiru is one of the most refined and impressive motorhomes on the market and a seasoned performer on any road. Based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Long Wheel Base, the 3L V6 Turbo Diesel Jabiru is ideal for those seeking a deluxe getaway and can be driven on a standard car licence.

At 7.1m in length and 2.78m in height, the Jabiru offers additional ventilation and natural light in the front cab as well as extra-long north/south single beds, a generous rear lounge capability and a thoughtfully curated interior space.

Key Features

Independent Sleep Suspension

The generous back end of the Jabiru motorhome serves as the ultimate comfort feature for taller travellers. Perfect for both singles or couples, the Jabiru sleeps two people with North/South beds measuring over 2 metres long. The mattresses are formulated from a combination of Dunlop memory foam and ENDURO foam, a high density, world-class foam with an extremely high comfort index to provide unparalleled support, and superior resilience for exceptional recovery.

TRAKKA have shaped the single mattresses so they're wider at shoulders, where width is needed most. Alternatively singles can be converted to a double bed in seconds, using infill cushions. 

Celestial Luxury

A premium outdoor experience is just as important as comfort and luxury indoors so we've included a few features in the exterior of your Jabiru motorhome conversion. Featured is an electric side awning and LED lighting that can be dimmed to suit the mood, external shower system for hosing off or showering, work bench and folding table for hosting drinks or assistance throughout meal prep, power outlet as well as a wide powered side entry step and grab handle. 

The large boot area features LED lighting, additional 12 Volt charging point and plenty of room for hoses, camping table and chairs, levellers and everything required to make and cook on the perfect camp fire when weather permits. 

Presidential Suite

The front of this Mercedes-Benz based motorhome is complete with driver and passenger swivel front comfort seats with armrests, folding coffee table for casual stops, two sized dining tables with secure storage as well as window with built-in blind and flyscreen to allow plenty of natural light and ventilation. Travellers now have a fully functional work station, meal preparation and spacious dining/lounging area, leaving your bedroom free if someone wants to take a nap. 

Flexibility doesn't stop there. Both dining tables and 55cm TV can be used in the front or the back of the motorhome. Open the rear barn doors 180 degrees and enjoy the view.

Premium, Business or First

When it comes to engine capacity, GVM and payload, we offer a buffet of choice with the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. The most economical choice being the 316. Complete with 2.2L 4 cylinder turbo diesel engine with 3,880kg GVM and approximately 680 kg of payload. 

Our 319 features the more powerful 3L V6 turbo diesel, again with 3,880kg GVM with an approximate 550kg payload; encompasses plenty of power and all tyres of same size.

Meanwhile the most popular Jabiru 419 combines the more powerful 3L V6 turbo diesel engine and upgraded 4,490kg GVM with an approximate 900kg payload. It uses super single rear tyres for the additional carrying capacity.

Showered with Praise

TRAKKA’s patented Switch Mode Bathroom is a clever all-in-one fibreglass module that offers spacious showering, powder room OR a toilet at the touch of a button. The toilet stays out of the way and dry when showering, while a screen covers your towels and toilet paper.

Standing on a teak grate keeps you out of the water while an automatic pump drains excess water away. Inclusions of the TRAKKA bathroom are wash basin, toiletries cabinet and towel rails. As well as an LED back-lit mirror for ambient lighting, a large opening roof vent and window for additional ventilation and light.

Get Lost in Comfort

The optional Remote Pack, preparing the motorhome for off-grid travel. The Remote part of the name is largely due to this motorhome being LPG-free. Hot water, ducted central heating and cooktop are diesel fuelled. These appliances are very efficient, economical and simple to operate. This one fuel system alleviates re-filling gas bottles (which can be tricky in the outback) and the now easier fuel stops will have you back on the road quicker. 

A roof mounted solar charging system ensures self-sufficient camping outside of traditional caravan powered sites, while an 18mm foam insulation package efficiently regulates the internal temperature. 

Crush-free Cruising

Hanging space with roller shutter door, conveniently located in the bedroom with hidden storage for the smaller dining table.

Heart Rate Monitor

Monitor your camper's vital signs like car, house battery and water tank levels and activate 12 volt, water pump and awning systems.

Soft Touch Storage

A silent closing and soft close function, this handy system features self latching lock when the drawer is closed for ease of use.

Camp Crockery

Corelle crockery set with secure storage system at accessible head height. Frees up drawer space for other kitchen and pantry essentials.

Overhead Compartments

Locker storage at head height for easy access, yet out of your day-to-day way. Featured throughout interior, including in the kitchen.

Space Saving Sliders

It's easy to maneuver through a compact space and avoid head knocks using modern, sliding roller shutter doors for bathroom and lockers.

Dim the Light

Personalise level of natural light, privacy and air flow with the TRAKKA window screens, shades and privacy blinds.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Choose of your preferred finish, cabinetry is constructed from lightweight and strong high pressure laminated Euro-plywood.

Runway Lighting

Modern and flush LED strip lighting under overhead lockers and ambient mood lighting with dimming function throughout motohome interior.

Showered with Praise

Eyes In the Back of Your Head

Reverse and rear view camera standard to assist parking, tight maneuvering and highway driving.

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"The many features that Trakka have managed to fit within the 7 metre length and 2 metre width of the Mercedes Sprinter van have supplied this extra comfort in spades and still delight us every trip. We still comment on how complete the Jabiru package is and cannot think of any way they could improve on it." - Morgan & Noela

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