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Our Experience

With over 40 years of experience, the multi-award winning team behind Trakka continues to break new ground through innovative design and engineering. Our team understands all there is to know about the open road. From the design and creation of luxury purpose built on and off road motorhomes and campervans right through to after sales service, we know how to have a great adventure and exactly what you need to have the experience of a lifetime.

Our Passion

OUR PASSION. Plain and simple, we’re passionate about our products. Seasoned travellers, our team understand the need for versatility because we all live, travel and explore in unique ways. You see we’re fervent about getting the formula right. We listen to our Trakka families feedback and similarly we know what works well; and as a result we continuously update and fine-tune our vehicles because we’re eager to produce more award-winning TRAKKA motorhomes and campervans we know you’ll love.

Our Repeat Business

Since Trakka’s inception we’ve bid farewell to thousands of people as they head out on their Australian adventure. Many are on their 4th Trakka! Exceptional service before, during and after delivery coupled with incomparable build quality and unique technology features such as our Switch Mode Bathroom (a cubicle that offers spacious showering room with a unique remote controlled retracting cassette toilet under the vanity) has seen a number of our Trakka family coming back for more! We call it the ‘Trakka family’ because that’s exactly what it is…

Our vehicles

Our motorhomes and campervans are so easy to drive and for the most part, only require a normal drivers license. They’re a fun and easy way to get around Australia. Come and visit us and see for yourself. You can arrange to see a TRAKKA being constructed and take a test drive while you’re at it. All our products are tried, tested and trusted for our unique Australian conditions.

Our Luxury Offering

Designed to maximise space, optimise your living area and ensure you the comfort and grandeur usually reserved for larger models, our vehicles are built for people who want to travel in premium luxury and with all the comforts of home. Fusing excellent fuel consumption and vehicle performance with luxury camping features our vehicles will drive you around town or take you off the beaten track in total comfort.

Our Premium Inclusions

We offer first-class additions that some other manufacturers don’t and what’s more, by dealing direct with TRAKKA you’re connected to a dedicated group of industry professionals who know these vehicles inside and out; and can help you every step of the way. And the kicker? TRAKKA’s have an excellent re-sale value.

Our Versatility

Whether your preferred adventure is hitting the open road, going off road through this great southern land or cruising our expansive and pristine coastlines; our range of vehicles will handle hot, cold, wet, dry, dusty, muddy, sunny and sandy conditions. In fact, they’ll more than just ‘handle’ the conditions. With Trakka you can be assured of freedom, comfort, luxury and drivability designed specifically for independent travel, so you can go your own way…

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