Bucking Bronco

In 1977, Dave Berry decided to build an overlanding van that was both show-worthy and extremely practical.  The Volkswagen Kombi Bronco had to be a Go Anywhere  vehicle.


Back to the Future

Despite having plenty on our plate, we're taking on an exciting side project for 2018... restoration of the original 1977 TRAKKA Bronco. 


"We chose the Trakkadu as it ticked all the boxes on our wish list. We wanted a compact vehicle that would serve as economical everyday transport, carry our grandchildren safely and park anywhere. 

Living in the bush and being volunteer firefighters we needed a vehicle capable of going off road and the combination of the VW powerful Turbo and the Trakka conversion with the increased clearance and upgraded suspension was perfect for our needs." - Annie & Mark

"I think you really understand what you guys sell – and it is not a product – but an experience. I felt you had a really good handle on the ‘Trakka Family’ concept and many of your clients are investing heavily in a dream of a lifestyle change." - Cameron & Lisa

"When I try and pin point my favourite feature, it's impossible. The diesel cook top, room and water heater are a dream, so easy for me. The retractable toilet means there is no wasted space or over cluttering. The extendable area at the rear, for the bed, makes moving around and making the bed as easy as at home.

I would have no trouble recommending Trakka. I have definitely got what I paid for, a quality, first class home on wheels that I can live and travel in very comfortably with room for everything that I need. Love it, one of the best choices I've made." - Donna

"The many features that Trakka have managed to fit within the 7 metre length and 2 metre width of the Mercedes Sprinter van have supplied this extra comfort in spades and still delight us every trip. We still comment on how complete the Jabiru package is and cannot think of any way they could improve on it." - Morgan & Noela

"We were looking for a vehicle that would enable us to take our consulting business on the road as well as serve as a comfortable home away from home. We would definitely recommend the Torino Xtra Remote both because of the great features of this vehicle as well as the wonderful service of the TRAKKA staff." - Nilmini & Steven


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TRAKKA 2020 Shows

Melbourne Supershow

20th-24th February 2020

Melbourne Showgrounds

Site 206

Sydney Supershow

28th April - 3rd May

Rosehill Racecourse

Site 47, Grand Pavillion Level 1

Brisbane Supershow 

3rd-8th June 2020

Brisbane Showgrounds

 Site TBC




VW T5 Trakkadu Camper


Dillon Jabiru road trip


Vinatge VW T3 Trakka


Trakkaway 700 on tour


Trakkadu AT Sax


Trakkaway 750


Trakkaway Dogs


Torino Xtra Remote Newells


Powell Trakkaway 2


Powell Trakkaway


4x4 Jabiru motorhome


VW Trakkadu ORP


Mercedes Benz Sprinter 4x4


VW T6 Trakkadu


Torino Motorhome


VW T5 Trakkadu


Mercedes-Benz Jabiru 4x4


VW T3 Trakka Camper


Jabiru 4x4 Lee

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