BACK TRAKK: VW Syncro Camper "Living On Wheels"

From time to time we get a spare minute or two to rummage through our boxes of Trakka history and for the vintage VW Syncro enthusiasts, you’re going to like this one… a lot. There’s a good chance you’ve already seen images and video footage of our 1990 Camper in action at the Australian Safari. If you’ve read the Our Story page on the website, you’ll also know the VW is how Trakka came about. What you may not know is where this VW Syncro camper ended up!

The VW Syncro Trakka Camper was built to drive over 9 days from Sydney to Darwin by Trakka founder, Dave Berry and navigated by our head of design, Michael Lord (being their 4th Australian Safari). The campervan, aka “The White Elephant”, was comfortable and handled the outback incredibly well. The team sat comfortably in second position for their class majority of the wild race.

“On the last day we’d dropped a steering belt so Dave was struggling with heavy steering towards the end of the last day of racing. I remember coming around one of the last corners and passing the very stationary vehicle that was in the 1st position and feeling overcome with relief,” Mike recalls.

Be sure to check out the original video footage, photos and brochure below!

Trakka VW Syncro Australian Safari


VW Syncro

Trakka VW Syncro Camper 2

One of his most vivid memories was of the Tanami Desert, where Mike stress levels plateaued, having to only worry about navigating the VW Syncro camper with a right turn in 300km. The campervan floated effortlessly along the sandy desert conditions.  Looking left out the window, a helicopter was flying really low alongside the Trakka team. Incredible to see the machine moving at what seemed to be eye level! Alongside the team sponsored by Volkswagen was a Syncro Double Cab Pick Up raced by Graham Lees and brother John.

VW Syncro Dual Cab

VW Syncro Dual Cab 2

1990 Trakka VW Syncro

Where is the Trakka 1990 VW Syncro Camper & Dual Cab Pick Up now?

To say Mark Boys is a Volkswagen Syncro enthusiast is an understatement. We had heard rumours of the Dual Cab residing in Victoria and we had the Syncro Camper in at Trakka to have the roof modified from high roof into a pop top before being sold to Barry Gabett in WA. At this year’s Melbourne Supershow, we had the pleasure of meeting Mark and wife Michele and finding that they were the owners of the Dual Cab. They have since added decals to match those from the race… but more interestingly, they had just acquired the VW Syncro camper as well! The pop top roof made the campervan much more attractive for family holidays and comfortably be able to sleep the kids as well.

Trakka VW Syncro Camper 3

Trakka VW Syncro Camper 4

Trakka VW Syncro Camper 6

Trakka VW Syncro Camper 5

Trakka VW Syncro Camper 8

Trakka VW Syncro Camper 7

Current images & video: Mark Boys


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