1979 Volkswagen Bronco Restoration

“Sooner or later, everything old is new again.”

There’s something pretty special about breathing new life into an old car. You may or may not remember that over a year ago, we acquired an original 1977 VW T2 purpose built campervan 'Bronco', which featured passenger side swivel seat, half pop-top roof and long range fuel tank. Well, while we have grand plans to retrofit that incredible piece of Trakka history, it has been away in the capable hands of Graham Lees, who is taking care of the external body work and get it running like new. In the meantime, we have been bestowed the challenge of restoring Graham's own vintage 1979 Trakka Bronco. And isn’t she just a beauty?

While we’ve waved our magic wand and restored this Bronco far beyond her former glory, we must say she did have good bones to start with which always helps in the refurbishment process. So what did we do, what did we add and what did we keep you ask? Let’s take a closer look.

We added a roof mounted flexible 120W solar panel, 100Ah AGM Battery, 25Ah DC2DC/solar charger (which, incidentally we fit to all our Trakkadu 450 vehicles as part of the lithium battery system upgrade), 15Ah Battery Charger and a 12V fan. Naturally, every road trip requires a great soundtrack and with the help of new rear speakers, this Bronco is now ready to croon.

We kept the original Pop Top Roof (its simply been cleaned this up) and when it came to the sleeping arrangements we also kept the original roof bed, which is a little more finicky to use than our gas strut system but works beautifully within this living time capsule. You’ll also find the Rock & Roll Bed, which again, while old school in its style, works perfectly in this ’77 Bronco.  We’ve given the bed and seats an upholstery makeover using Trakka custom upholstery Urban Grey, and taken the fresh new look to the next level with Formwork and white cabinetry.

Over in the kitchen area, we included a new sink with glass lid, 78L Waeco Fridge/Freezer, a table with adjustable leg height and slide out Butane Cook top. Additionally, within the Bronco you’ll find easy to use, space saving roller shutter cupboards, rear shower; and at the front of the vehicle heated seats, passenger side swivel base seat as well as curtain system which are currently in production. The pièce de résistance? Custom dimmable LED strip lighting with a new feature for TRAKKA: concealed touch light switches.

We’d love to know your thoughts on this overhaul. Let us know what you think. With this restoration near completion, we can’t wait to get stuck into TRAKKA’s own 1977 Bronco, and if this isn’t a taste of what’s to come, we don’t know what is. The bad news is, these passion projects have been in the works for a long time (just ask Graham). Due to current design & development commitments, we don't have the resources to look at other vintage TRAKKA re-builds.

Images: Juris Puisens, JP Photo.

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