The Cream of the (Pop Top) Crop

A year or so ago we took you into the TRAKKA Factory where we delved into the practicality of our reinforced cantrail and offered some insight into how we transform the Volkswagen T6 Transporter into a Trakkadu Campervan. If you missed it, you can read all about it here . This month, we’re taking the next step with a detailed explanation around construction (because, well, it takes an exceptional amount of care and experience to create this campervan pop top roof and we’d love to show you the level we go to here at Trakka to get it right). Roll on…

The Framework

Structurally, the Trakkadu is very sound; you see, we’re all about layers here - and just the right amount to ensure we maximise the interior space. The pop top roof starts with a fiberglass frame which is bonded to the turret and cantrail. The pop top roof itself is made with a foam sandwich construction (i.e. layer of fiberglass-PVC foam-fiberglass) to ensure the roof is lightweight but also provides strength and superior insulation, which is important for optimum temperature regulation while in extreme temperatures. From the exterior the roof is shaped with a curve from front to back and from side to side which establishes a more aerodynamic surface when the roof is down. Inside, Trakka go to the detail of integrating LED strip lighting into the roof for a modern and streamline look.

The Gas Strut Lift & Rear Hinge

Requiring zero maintenance, the gas strut assisted lift allows the roof to effortlessly elevate in a one-movement motion. The roof lifting more at the front equates to over 2.1 metres of standing height where it’s required the most; over the front kitchen area. This compact strut mechanism allows for a wider internal space, not just for more lift, while the angle roof ensures that hot air is able to freely circulate through the top vent and windows. The interior is kept comfortable in hot weather, especially with the room fan assisting the air circulate out the top vent. The rear scissor stainless steel mechanism offers superior stability in windy conditions. 

To prepare for driving, the roof is just as simply brought down, two front internal metal latches secure the roof into place and the excess roof sleeve is rolled neatly out of the way. You're left with a tidy passenger car-like interior space for driving.

The Sleeve

Highly water resistant and featuring water resistant zips, the Trakkadu roof sleeve features three large screened windows, which allows for plenty of ventilation and natural light. Made from treated polyester, this campervan sleeve is more water and mildew resistant than canvas, and thanks to its lighter colour allows more natural light to filter through, while keeping the camper private. The sleeve is threaded through an anodized aluminum top and bottom ‘C’ track with anti-corrosion properties and should the sleeve ever need to be removed, it’s an uncomplicated job. To clean, you can simply use a mild detergent with warm water on the material as needed. And more so, the sleeve doesn’t need to be re-proofed.

Want to see if for yourself? Contact us to arrange a walk through and your test drive.
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