Trakkadu 450 Review

“The Trakkadu 450 is packed to the gunnels with gear, both from VW and Trakka, making it a perfect getaway vehicle for an adventurous couple or even a small family.”

– Andrew MacLean, National Editor,

We’ve been in the conversion game for longer than we haven’t, and we trust, wholeheartedly in the products we produce. Having said that, it’s always nice to hear what others in the industry think of what we do, which is why we often lend our demonstrators to journalists with a similar passion for adventure.

This time around Andrew MacLean, the National Editor at took the Trakkadu 450S for a weekend away. As one of Australia’s most experienced motoring journalists he didn’t go easy or hold back on our “Bumblebee”. Indeed he hit the open road, tested the tech, and discovered for himself what we hoped he might.


“The Trakka conversion is just as impressive as the Volkswagen itself, which is already one of the classiest, strongest and best-quality vans in its segment.”

In a thorough review, MacLean covers affordability, what you can expect to get for your money, cost to maintain, the conversion, standout features, practicality, comfort, ease of use, space and versatility, the engine, fuel consumption and performance.

“It is staggering the amount of stuff it has managed to pack into the space, and just how convenient and simple it is to use. Everything feels rock solid enough to handle life on the road, and totally secure.”

Naturally, if you have any questions, email [email protected] and we’ll arrange a time that best suits. For interstate test drive queries, we do have an interstate airport service. We will collect you from Sydney Airport, drive you to Trakka HQ, show you through the conversion / fabrication process, send you on a test drive up to Brooklyn and back, before driving you back to the airport.

“There's a genuine sense of quality in all the cabinetry, the materials and the components that feels as though it will last a lifetime and, therefore, justify the investment.”

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