TRAKKA: The Lockdown Diaries

We’re coming up to our third week of stay at home orders here in Sydney, so if you’re like me and have been scrolling a little too regularly, thought we’d share some accounts of real substance. We want to keep the TRAKKA dream rolling, so we’ve put together a list of some of our top Trakkadu TRAKKA Family instagram accounts. We take no responsibility for anyone caught in the vortex of #trakka 


@4motionadventures So Alex Caruana has become a bit of a celeb in the VW Van world. If you’re been researching our Trakkadu AT, you have definitely come across Alex & partner, Olga’s YouTube channel 4Motion Adventures. Alex has a background in 4x4 training and shares not only tips about where to camp, but also how they’re using their T6 campervan in some incredible spots. Not one to miss. 


@jds_aussie_adventures Kooperman’s, pup Lola and Trakkadu T6 Quincy. You won’t miss this well travelled, vibrant campervan if you see it out in the wild. Follow their journey touring home state WA, NT, VIC, SA, NSW and now QLD. There’s a real variety of beautiful landscapes - beachfronts, sandy deserts, wildflowers and silo artworks. You’ll have to scroll back a fair way to see where the JD name came from ;)

@bradmorris1959 & @jomorrising our mountain bike enthusiasts, beach going and nature lovers. Recently returned from an Outback adventure. Wildlife, great camp spots, a birthday celebration and some pretty iconic destinations in the mix With their metallic blue Trakkadu AT. 


@traveller_au Glenn joined us on Big Red Bash and I can honestly say, I learnt so much from him. Experienced and so technically knowledgeable. Some great mods (including sliding pull out drawers for the boot) and some great 2021 adventure to check out, including Cobar & Kattabul. 

@danadion.artist Dana is producing some incredible contemporary art. How does she switch off from work? With her Trakkadu T5 campervan. Get remote, gather inspiration and create. We couldn’t love it anymore!

@tammytrakka & @omabex1 the girls have recently gone Snow. From where we’d rather be to be honest. We’ve also got waterfront camp spots, a giant wine bottle, awesome wild life and the sweetest little edition to the Trakka fam, Betty.

@joemiskovic.t6 bought our beloved “Megatron”, one of only two T6 450S we produced, an absolute Sporty weapon. This incredibly rare campervan has had the exterior toned down (rightfully so, from our show car decals) to be a little more incognito and put in some  air suspension mods. Now spending time searching the East coast for good surf. 

@trakkadakkadoo we did our Big Red Bash in 2019 with these legends and they went on to do a beautiful trip of Tassie in 2020 with their T5 Trakkadu 4Motion. They were honestly the most prepared Trakkaduers and people you’d want to be travelling with if you’d forgotten gear of your own (Belinda’s roasts are amazing). Throw a (very cute) grandkid in the mix and we haven’t seen a lot from these guys super recently. Something tells us (our production schedule in particular) we’ll see a lot more in the new year ;)

 (pic: Slimes Boardstore)

@fade2grey2gether Tim & Susan were probably the lucky last to secure our T6 Trakkadu in two tone white and bamboo green. We published some photos of this vehicle and boy did we get enquiry for this colour combination flooding in. They’ve done lots of local travelling, exploring our backyard With State Forests and National Parks in the mix and venturing further to VIC. The Trakkadu has also made the perfect home base for days at Palm Beach here in Sydney. 

@janine__graham a self confessed sports tragic, Janine takes us outback NSW and locally through mid North East Coast in the new T6.1 Trakkadu. One of our favourite spots, Trial Bay Jaol in the mix too!

@hinterland_express a couple of the most genuine people you’ll come across and another couple who joined us at Big Red Bash in 2019. Another beautiful two tone T6, this time in white & Mojave Beige. They take us back through the build of their T6, through Byron, up to Birdsville and lots of family gatherings. 

@trakkadutravels originating from the UK, our fam who spent a year travelling OZ in a Trakkadu T5. We’ve got everything from Rottnest, The Kimberleys, cheeky kangaroos, fresh Aussie produce and more wildflowers.  

@mandywestwood owns our only T6.1 Trakkadu in Bronze currently on the roads (I think). This camper is stunning, a slight variation and more golden version to the Turmeric Gold we had in the T6. A photography enthusiast, we follow a lot of gorgeous ocean fronts and hopefully a lot more Trakakabouting to come!

@jerzyalexander2 another keen photographer, Jerzy & wife have seen some very incredible places Australia has to offer, in their T6 Trakkadu AT. They feature loads of wildlife and probably one of my favourite Trakkadu shots out in the wild ever. 


@ksm108108 Katie & Petra take us to some quiet and some popular tourist spots in their Trakkadu T6. We go tackling water crossings preparing morning coffee from their custom rear drawers they had designed for the boot space and plenty of wildlife. 

@trakkaru have to throw a little self promotion in there right? One thing we stand by is “practice what you preach”. We can’t talk about our products if we don’t believe in them. Last year Scott & I (Alex), finally ordered our own Trakkadu camper. We‘ve been dreaming of this for years and its getting close. We follow the build, past trips in demo vehicles and some of our inspiration from the incredible history Dave & Sal Berry who lead us to this point. We can’t wait to show you more once we get the green light from travel.

We mention “Trakka Family” a lot. If you have an order with us in the system, you’re welcome to join our private Facebook group to keep up to date with what our clients are doing and how they’re travelling. We keep it exclusively to clients to protect privacy. If you’re interested in joining, please email with your name, Trakka job number and what name you go by on facebook (as sometimes we come up against discrepancies). 

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