Trakka Remote Provides Year Round Motorhome Comfort

Suffice to say, if you’re reading this post you’re keen on ‘off-the-beaten-track’ adventure; it’s a lifestyle that the team at Trakka know all too well. You see, nothing quite compares to remote travel, but (and it’s an important ‘but’) preparation is key. For those planning an out of the way, free camping escape and a more independent holiday, the Trakka Remote Pack option is an absolute essential.

Like to bypass powered sites? Well this package allows you to do just that. With an offering that includes a 135W solar charging system (240W with our new Trakkaway 700 motorhome), diesel cooking, thermal and sound insulation; as well as a new combined water/room heater, Truma Combi D6 (complete with remote and digital display), there’s no limit to your camping adventure.

When you’re off bitchumen roads and facing the elements, The Trakka Remote Pack provides creature comforts and luxury when you least expect it.  You see Trakka’s Remote Pack does away with the LPG system by using diesel to power the cooktop, make hot water and provide ducted room heating within your motorhome. With no open flame, this dependable single fuel source gets a safety tick from us and what’s more it alleviates the need to fill gas bottles which, let’s face it, can be tricky at times in the outback.

The diesel system takes 5 minutes to start up and given then nature of this very easy to use and clean, robust, low power and fuel consumption option, it’s actually very simple to get the most time efficient result from your diesel system with preparation and organisation (i.e. start your cooktop, and then your food preparation). So how does the thermal and sound insulation work?

Trakka remote models use low-density polyethylene foam (PE) within the thermal and sound insulation pack. This foam has exceptional energy absorbing capability, provides insulation against heat and cold, deadens and absorbs noise, is impervious to moisture and is recyclable. Trakka shapes and bonds this insulation material to fit into the roof, wall and door cavities so you’re left comfortable year round, in the quiet of your own company with a beverage in your hands…

Trakkaway 700 Remote motorhome

Trakka remote diesel motorhome stove

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