TRAKKA Diesel Cookin': That's How You Make Oats

Getting the most from your diesel cooktop appliance.

There are a number of reasons we hit the open road; but between escaping the humdrum of daily life and having an innate need for adventure, so many of you tell us that you simply want to slow down, to pace yourself and to take stock of what’s going on beyond the four walls of your home.

Camp life unequivocally forces you into an unhurried state of mind; and it’s in the small acts of routine (think: making a cuppa, prepping your meal, warming your shower) where you can really hone new processes; and heck, relish your new stop-and-smell-the-coffee mindset. Naturally, new processes require an explanation, and when it comes to TRAKKA’s diesel fuelled appliances, we have some handy hints to ensure to get the most from this incredible technology.  

Let’s start with the Webasto diesel fuelled cooktop. As a little background for those of you new here, diesel fuelled cooktop technology is something TRAKKA introduced over 10 years ago. Starting with the Trakkkadu and after its success, filtering into larger van models, before making the stove standard now on all models in 2020. To show what this cooktop is capable of, we'll bring you three versatile dishes in the way of a mini cooking series.

You've probably seen the Uncle Toby's Ad "that's not how you make porridge" circulating in the 1990s and more recently last year, well we've decided to do our own version of oats prepped on the diesel fuelled cooktop in our Akuna A2M motorhome and come to the conclusion, "that's definitely how you make porridge". 

What will you need:

  • 2x pots - we used the Smartspace square small & medium with lids & handle
  • 1x cooking spoon
  • 1x cup for measuring (we used the mug from Akuna's crockery set)
  • chopping board
  • tea towel (this is the one we had, Aussie designed Pony Rider)
  • 2x bowls from your crockery set for serving
  • 2x spoons


  • 2-3x cups filtered water (TRAKKA van & coach-built motorhomes come standard with drinking water filtration & we usually carry 10L drinking water cartons in Trakkadu)
  • 1x cup rolled oats
  • 1/2x 400mL tin coconut milk
  • 1x banana
  • 1x small handful raspberries
  • 1x small handful blueberries (honestly any berries will work well with this)
  • Slithered almonds to garnish (we'd also like crushed walnuts

METHOD & some useful info about our diesel fuelled cooktop:

  • Simply start your stove, press ON. Cooker will automatically draw fuel from the original fuel tank using it's own individual fuel pump into a concealed combustion chamber. There is a 12V electronic ignition to burn the fuel, which transfers the heat from that chamber to the ceramic plate. The yellow indicator lamp lights up as soon as the cooker is switched on. The red combustion lamp will light up when the combustion is stabilised in the burner, after a couple minutes after the start-up and the plate will heat up.
  • The hottest area will be the round plate (left hand side), this is where you'll have your oats heating up to a boil and stirring often. Don't forget the salt. Trick here is to have the pot on the cooktop from cold, you don't need to wait for the stove to be at highest temp to start this process. 
  • As the plate is heating up, wash & roughly chop berries, slice banana and measure out your oats/water. 
  • Shake coconut milk tin and add half tin to the other smaller pot. 
  • Oats will start to thicken up, the coconut milk will start to bubble and froth up a little bit. To control heat, rather than using the round dial on stove control unit, move the pots around the stove accordingly. The Chef Show episode on Netflix with Jessica Largey, you'll notice she will adjust how much of the pot or pan is on the hot element as opposed to trying to constantly turn the stove up or down. Same principle applies here. The stove also has a gradually cool down so don't need to have the stove on for as long, also great for conserving power. 
  • Serve oats and fruit in a bowl
  • Lastly pour over your coconut milk to serve. 

Our honest review...

Creamiest. Porridge. Ever. A perfect balance with the sourness/sweetness of the different berries, not to mention healthy. Plenty of texture (i.e. you're not just eating slop). What else we liked was it was easy to throw together and ingredients we'd usually have with us on the road (berries can easily be substituted for other seasonal fruit or frozen version kept in the freezer). 

The Camper

Despite being the mid wheel base, there was still plenty of space to work with in the Akuna A2M. The SlimTec sink lid and folding bench extension meant we had plenty of room to prep, cook and serve up the meal. To save power, we aimed to only open the fridge once to get items out and once to pack things away. The door of the fridge could be opened from either side depending where you were standing. Drinking water filtration was easily accessed as were pantry items from an overhead locker. We set up the Nespresso machine outside on the Alfresco Pack work bench using the 2000W inverter option. We heated the water before making breakfast so hot water for washing up was ready ready to go. 

For a full demonstration, view our cooking demos here or contact HQ to arrange an appointment to get up close and personal with the Webasto Diesel Stove (and your preferred motorhome!)

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