TRAKKA Diesel Cookin': Just Heat It

Welcome to the Webasto diesel stove journey. Over recent weeks we’ve explored the many exemplary benefits of our diesel stove, and today we’re talking versatility, bench space, consumption and getting the most from your cooker. As promised Chef Will is back with another pantry-friendly recipe which demonstrates the future of cooking with this incredible TRAKKA feature. As well as revealing the Webasto’s flexibility (yes, you can boil, steam, toast and fry all within the one meal), you’ll see how small shifts to the cooking process will ensure you get the most from you cooker. Because while one of the best parts of life on the road is the notion of slow living, a few small changes will ensure your kettle is boiled just when you’re ready for that next cuppa.

We’ve found there are so many positives around having diesel onboard your camper, so let’s address the apprehension of those concerned with diesel as a slightly slower heat source than gas. For example, for those who like a coffee as the sun rises, to avoid any delay to your morning, when you first get out of bed, turn the stove on. While the Webasto is heating up, get on with your breakfast prep, use the bathroom, get out of your PJ’s. Similarly, if you’re after a cuppa as soon as you arrive somewhere, turn on the stove as a priority before setting up for the day or night. By the time you’ve organised yourself, your boiling water will be ready. For a faster boil, consider filling the kettle or pot with just the right amount of water required; and if you’re making two cups of tea, use two cups of water as opposed to 2L.

We all have moments when we need to adjust the heat on our stoves quickly. Again, to ensure this is done in a timely manner, a small tweak to the process is all that’s required. When you first turn your stove on, set the heat to the highest level, then once at temperature, turn this down to approximately halfway. Naturally, when the stove is cool and not in use, you’re left with an additional workspace/bench space and prep area.

As mentioned, there are a number of seriously great benefits to having the Webasto Diesel Stove onboard your TRAKKA, but power consumption and fuel consumption (or lack thereof) hits the top of our list. Efficiency reigns with this beauty. Drawing 8Amp at the start, then dropping to 0.3Amp throughout the cooking process; and averaging less the 0.2L/hr of cooking (so cooking for 1hour per/day for 5 days equates to a litre used), the Webasto Diesel Stove’s low power and fuel consumption may be the biggest understatement you’ll hear all day. Not only that, the cooktop uses fuel directly from the main tanks, so there’s no need to store fuel anywhere else in the camper. Because you’re only ever filling up one fuel tank, this compact solution alleviates the need to carry bulky gas bottles (which means more storage for the things you really want to bring with you!).

It’s over to Chef with a toastie to rival all toasties...


  • 1x saucepan
  • 1x BBQ silicon liner
  • bowl
  • chopping board
  • sharp knife
  • 2x bowls
  • 1x small container
  • tea towel


  • Turkish bread (enough for 2 sambos)
  • 1x brown onion
  • 2x tomatoes
  • 1x avo
  • 4-6 Swiss brown mushrooms
  • 1x packet haloumi
  • 1x decent sploosh of balsamic vinegar
  • 2x tablespoons sugar
  • handful washed rocket
  • salt & pepper


  • Turn on stove
  • Finely slice onion and get on to stove with some oil. We want to 'sweat' the onions so key is to gradually heat them up as the stove starts to warm.
  • While that’s happening, slice tomatoes, avo, halloumi, halve Turkish and set all aside.
  • Rinse rocket using filtered water
  • Add in your balsamic vinegar and sugar to the onions. As the onions become soft, move them over to the right hand side. Set aside once them become a jam-like consistency. Wipe out the pan with paper towel.
  • Add brown mushrooms to the pan and season with salt and pepper. 
  • Flip mushrooms when the liquid starts to form
  • On the right hand cooler side toast your Turkish bread using a silicon BBQ liner’
  • Fry Haloumi until browned on either side
  • Layer your ingredients on Turkish

Vehicle Will cooked in was our Akuna A2 van Motorhome.

View all our cooking demos here or contact HQ here to arrange an appointment to get up close and personal with the Webasto Diesel Stove (and your preferred motorhome!)

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