TRAKKA Diesel Cookin': Something a Little Fishy


Just because you’re on the road, doesn’t mean your meals have to be anything but A+ in the health and taste department. In fact, with more time to spare, so many of our Trakka family have reportedly become cooking aficionados while on their travels; and with a beautiful backdrop and the benefits of a diesel fuelled stove at their fingertips, who could blame them? Aside from inspiring and nurturing our inner chef, there are a number of reasons we L.O.V.E the Webasto Diesel Stove and it all starts with ease and safety.

Cast your mind back to the days of camp cooking with gas and you might recall racing outside to turn on your gas from an isolated locker or turning on an isolation tap for your appliance inside. With the diesel fuelled technology, you can forget about all of that. Turn it on, with the simple press of a button from inside your camper, and you’re literally good to go. But what about fumes we hear you cry? Designed with an integrated cooling fan, this stove ensures that the waste heat and any fumes are ducted externally to the underside of the vehicle. But probably one of the safest aspects of this beauty is that there is no open flame within the camper while you’re cooking. Did you know diesel will only ignite under compression? Making this cooking technology a far less volatile fuel source to cook with in an enclosed space, than anything else you’ll find on the market. But the safety features don’t stop there.

No one needs the unnecessary stress of burning themselves or cleaning damaged property, so when it comes to safety around the heat of the plate itself, you can rely on an orange hot plate indication lamp which lights the lower edge of the ceramic plate when the stove is heated. It’s the friendly reminder we could all do with, and the hot plate indication lamp will light up immediately at the start of cooking and will remain on until the cooktop has cooled once switched off. Of course it’s at this point where we need to prompt you not to touch the hot plate or leave anything on top that may melt while it’s hot (but you knew that anyway, and besides, the indicator lamp is designed to remind you again and again!).

Because there’s plenty of ventilation flowing through the camper and no open flame with the cooktop, you can cook inside whenever you like which is a beautiful benefit because you can nourish your physical wellbeing whatever the weather outside! Naturally some of you love to cook in the great outdoors and with total fire bans now an ever-present summer fact of life within Australia, we’ve covered off that aspect with the introduction of an optional portable induction cooktop and 2000W inverter across the TRAKKA range. Not only does this provide you with the flexibility to cook outside (sans campfire), it prevents you from the restriction of just one form of cooking.

So, there’s safety and there’s accessibility around cooking with the diesel stove; and then there’s the CERAN cooking surface itself. Highly aesthetic, highly energy efficient and exceptionally durable this state-of-the-art surface doesn’t require special magnetic pots and pans; it’s so easy to use and just as simple to clean; enables you to cook directly on the RHS surface using a silicon liner and better yet, it has a long service life. Can you tell we love it? Told you!

Pantry-friendly recipes are our favourite. Because if there’s one thing we know it’s that cooking is a way we can bring order and a sense of pleasure into our lives, wherever we might find ourselves setting up for the night. With that in mind, let’s whip up a special snapper dish in our Akuna A2M that’s so easy and so fresh, you’ll want to try it tonight!


  • small bamboo steamer (can also be used for steaming veg, dumplings)
  • small & medium pot (we used SmartSpace brand)
  • mug from crockery set
  • 1 bowl from crockery set
  • 2 plates from crockery set
  • sharp knife
  • chopping board
  • baking paper


  • 2x fresh or defrosted snapper fillets (around 150g each)
  • 1x cup rice
  • 1.5x cups filtered water
  • 1/4x cup soy sauce
  • 1x tablespoon honey
  • 4cm piece ginger grated or finely chopped
  • 2x wedges of lemon
  • 1x large chilli
  • Few leaves of coriander
  • thinly sliced spring onion or shallot


  • Turn stove on
  • Using right hand side of stove bring 1/3 water to a gentle boil in your medium pot with lid (this one will be for steaming your fish)
  • For the hotter left hand side bring (roughly) 1.5 cups filtered water to the boil (this will be for cooking your rice using the absorption method). Key here is to cover the pot and not boil a full pot of water, only boil what you need!
  • Mix together soy, honey & ginger into a bowl
  • Clean up the edges of your fish fillet if required
  • Using the baking paper, create a little parcel by folding each edge
  • Marinade the fish in the bowl area, flipping the fillet a couple times in the soy mixture
  • Wrap up the fillet securely and set aside in the steamer for the flavours to infuse in the fish (wrapped parcel side down)
  • When the LHS rice pot starts to boil add the cup of rice, cover and move to the slightly cooler RHS of stove
  • Once your steamer water is at a gentle boil, place the steamer on top of the pot. Check after about 10 mins (for 150g of fish pieces)
  • Prepare your garnishes - chilli, lemon, coriander and shallots (dress with a little lemon & oil)
  • Time to plate up!
  • We served with a glass of chilled French Rosé
  • For washing up, use the boiled water from the fish steaming pot

View all our cooking demos here or contact HQ to arrange an appointment to get up close and personal with the single fuel source (and your preferred motorhome!)

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