TRAKKA Chatter: Live Session Covering Jabiru Motorhomes

We pulled together our first Live & interactive TRAKKA Chatter from the Sydney showroom. Facilitated by CarAdvice's Dominic Wiseman, we tour the 3 layouts of the Jabiru AWD motorhome range, run over some features of the Mercedes-Benz that TRAKKA are offering standard and Chef Willy cooks a delicious steak sandwich on the portable induction cooktop option! Below you'll find the full video, recipe for the steak sandwich and the questions/answers that came in prior to and during filming!

Induction Cooktop Steak Sandwich with Chef Willy

Caramelised onion

  • 2 onion finely sliced
  • 50 ml balsamic vinegar
  • 150g sugar.
  • Veg oil


  • Heat small pot to medium high heat
  • Add oil and onions in
  • Sweat onions until soft and translucent ( lid on or off, if lid off make sure you stir frequently to keep onions from sticking, if lid on when they are done make sure you let moisture out, cook for another minute with the lid off)
  • Add balsamic cook until well mixed.
  • Add sugar lower heat once it’s liquid.
  • Let it simmer until thick consistency.
  • Take off set aside

Steak Sandwich

  • Caramelised onion (see above)
  • Swiss cheese
  • 150g scotch fillet
  • Rocket
  • Truss cherry tomatoes
  • Good quality sourdough (we used Sonoma)
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and pepper


  • Pan on high heat
  • Place 2 slices of sourdough on pan. To toast till a little crisp on each side. If burning turn down heat.
  • Oil and salt steak (best cooked at room temp )
  • Place steak in very hot pan. When you see a drop of blood come through flip the steak. 1-2 mins approx
  • Add Swiss cheese to cover the cooked side of the steak.
  • Turn pan down to medium heat
  • Add some caramelised onion and cherry tomatoes to pan
  • Put lid on pan for a minute or so to keep and splatter off your beautiful Trakka Jabiru
  • When caramelised onion are warm through spread on a bottom piece of toast
  • Remove cooked steak and place on top of onion
  • Add rocket a touch of olive oil and pepper
  • Place lid on sandwich
  • Add tomatoes to plate

Eat and enjoy.


  1. Extra beds for kids in the Jabiru J4? We're looking at options, a roof top tent option as this stage. It will depend on the age of kids.
  2. Roof racks and bike racks? Both options available. Roof racks $1,500 and bike rack $950 (cannot have bike rack with the spare wheel carrier).
  3. Rule of thumb re: diesel usage while cooking and running the diesel heater? Both appliances use minimal fuel (cooktop averages 0.2L/hr) so no issue using both at once.
  4. What is the lead time for delivery if ordering? We have one silver J2 or J4 AWD available for a bit later this year. Our new J2M AWD has availability a bit quicker! But we don't anticipate that will be that way for long once we release our off road footage ;)
  5. Bed dimensions? J2M 1.86m x 1.45m, J2 singles 2m x 0.7m (as a full double though its huge), J4 1.92m x 1.45m. For the permanent double bed configurations (J2M & J4) we've found using sleeping bags or single sheets on both sides allow for easy use of the adjustable back rests for sitting up, then you're not restricted to what the other person is doing.
  6. Compartment under the fridge? A pull out drawer with a smaller pull out drawer and rubbish bin. We will also be offering wine bottle storage!
  7. Diesel heater? Standard in all TRAKKA motorhome models. The combined unit is fuelled by diesel produce hot water and ducted room heating. We also include a diesel fuelled cooktop making the Jabiru a single fuel sourced vehicle (no LPG). Also a part of this package is 200W of roof mounted solar foam insulation throughout to regulate extreme temperatures and the sliding side/rear insect doors!
  8. Battery charging and performance? We include as standard - 200Ah Lithium battery , 40 Amp 120V Lithium charger & 40 Amp DC2DC & solar 5 stage Lithium charger. Combining this impressive system with standard solar ensures staying independent from power for longer. A digital control panel monitors battery input and output as well as battery condition and water tanks level by the press of a button.
  9. How do we keep bugs out?  Both side & rear doors  have sliding insect screen doors, windows and roof hatches have combined flyscreen and blinds system in built.
  10. Height of the Jabiru AWD? We quote under 2.9m (includes the tyre upgrade) and then just under 3m with roof mounted air conditioning option.
  11. Can we custom build? No, our motorhome models are  productionised & fully ADR compliant (don't require separate engineer's reports for registering in different states). With 10 years of experience working with the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4x4, we are able to offer a real variety. This is the main reason for offering 2 lengths and 3 different layouts to ensure we're covering as much of the AWD touring market as effectively as we can. In terms of Special Purpose Vehicles for business use we have a lot more flexibility in design (like you'd see in our upcoming TABcorp vehicles, but we separate those from a "motorhome use").
  12. Fuel consumption & tank size? 93L. Consumption will vary depending on speed. Martin on return trip from Bourke back to Sydney averaged 11.1L/100km which is incredible.
  13. How are the headlights at night? Good! We also include fog lights as standard and the 360 degree camera works at the slow speeds for tricky manoeuvring at night. We also offer a very popular LED light bar option $950.  
  14. Servicing? 5 year new car vehicle warranty! Mercedes-Benz don't quote time/kms now for servicing. The vehicle monitors itself and will let you know when its approaching time to be serviced at a Mercedes-Benz dealership. On the motorhome side of things, our service department Motorhome Doctor offer a comprehensive yearly conversion service to ensure all motorhome systems and appliances running efficiently. TRAKKA also have service agents Australia-wide for any warranty or interstate servicing requirements.
  15. Will you do the same for the Akuna range? Yes! Just building a Akuna A2 so we can include in the piece. We have Akuna A2M video content coming to you very shortly!

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