Screen Time

The trusty screen; it’s a campervan and motorhome prerequisite if you’re travelling Outback and seek added ventilation and bug free living in your home away from home. The great news is, TRAKKA’s new side door screen for the Fiat based Torino and Torino Xtra is incredibly easy to use, compact and look fantastic.

TRAKKA Sliding Side Door Screen from Trakka Australia on Vimeo.

For an out of the way, free camping escape and a more independent holiday, the TRAKKA Remote Pack option is an absolute essential; not only for its solar charging system, diesel cooking, thermal insulation, and diesel water/room heater; but when travelling in the Torino range, the side screened door comes as standard with the Remote Pack. For those who are after a retractable screen for the rear door opening, these are available as an $890 option on the Torino range. 

An added bonus for existing Trakka Family, these screens can be retrofit to our Torino, Torino Xtra, Jabiru and Jabiru Xtra! Keep in mind an existing Jabiru 2-seater layout will require a fair amount of mattress customisation.

Looking at another TRAKKA variant? Sliding side screened doors come standard in the Trakkadu Plus Pack (340 Plus, 400 Plus & AT), the Torino and Jabiru Remote models and all Trakkaways.

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