An upgraded look for TRAKKA Fiats

The Fiat Appearance Pack, now included as a standard feature (in both Torino and Trakkaway motorhome ranges), lifts the overall look of our product. Taking the base Fiat Ducato van to the next level of luxury, Torino owners now enjoy front colour match bumper, gloss black highlight in the grill and headlight surround, fog lights and LED daytime driving lights. Whether you opt for white or one of the stunning metallic colours, this Pack has really taken the finished product to a more premium looking people mover compared with a standard a commercial van.  We recently documented this new look in our white Torino 2S Remote and metallic golden white Torino 4S Remote (see below). Other metallic colours available include Blue Lago and Silver.

 If you’re interested in the Appearance Pack or you’d simply like to see the difference it can make to the look of your motorhome in the flesh, book an appointment at the TRAKKA Showroom

Phone: 02 9472 9000
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We've also made some pretty good looking updates to our online brochure... see link below. 

2018 TRAKKA Torino Motorhome Range

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