The Weekend and the Trakkadu 450 are calling

It’s heating up and that means Friday afternoon summer road trips are no longer on the wish list; they’re a reality. Let’s face it, there’s no freedom quite like packing minimally and taking off for a weekend’s respite after a long week at work. Sojourn solo or take your nearest and dearest; the best thing about a Trakkadu break is that you don’t need to pack much, just some food, something to drink, your surfboards (or your activity of choice) and a full tank of diesel.

Summer signifies long hot days and nights and while we’re not expecting rain today, stability and control on the road is paramount so the all wheel drive system of our Trakkadu 450 will ensure that whatever the weather, you’re always in control. Expect a smooth run. This camper combines 7 speed DSG transmission, 150kW bi-turbo diesel engine and 450Nm of torque to provide you with an incredibly smooth delivery of power.

All you need to do is pull up beach side, bush side or somewhere more remote, it doesn’t really matter because standard in 450 are the Lithium Battery Upgrade, applicable charging systems as well as 120 watt roof mounted solar charging system.

The ultimate weekday-come-weekend adventure seeker, the 450 is primed for older and younger folk alike. And because its drivability is just so good with Adaptive Cruise Control (literally measures and maintains the distance to the vehicle ahead while controlling your speed), it’s always a pleasure to get out of town, regardless of the traffic.

The Trakkadu 450. The weekend road trip has never looked so good.

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