Getting Technical: Vehicle Reinforcing Before Fitting Trakkadu Pop Top Roof

Warning to new readers, we usually like posting photos of beautifully finished campers in amazing remote parts of Australia, but this post will be a little different. We are heading into the Trakka factory to gain some insight as to how the Volkswagen T6 Transporter transforms to a Trakkadu campervan. When choosing a camper, its important to know not only what the finished product looks like but also the detail the manufacturer has gone to when designing and building.

Our Trakkadu pop top roof has always been a standout in the market.  A Trakkadu can easily be picked out by how low profile it is, the easy gas strut assisted lift, the water resistant yet lightweight roof sleeve and the huge amount of ventilation and standing room offered… something a lot of you have already seen. Something you probably wouldn’t have read a lot about is all the good stuff hidden beneath the wall and roof linings before the pop top is fitted. If you’d like to know more, read on. If you’d prefer to dream about your future road trips, best you head to the North Journal adventure.

trakkadu pop top roof

Trakka have always reinforced the body around the cut out for the pop top roof, starting with the Volkswagen T2 Kombi in the 1970’s. This was done using wood, but from the 1980’s we switched to steel. What you’ll see from the photos below, is that we’re reinforcing the vehicle sides to form a structural integration to the vehicle. The Trakka cantrail reinforcing steel components are computer designed to maximise the strength and rigidity of the Volkswagen before the pop top roof is fitted.

trakkadu pop top roof

Cantrail reinforcing down either side



Top view of the vehicle before fitting the fibreglass roof frame

We will be posting more detailed information about the construction of the Trakkadu and other Trakka models in the coming weeks. If you’d like more information on our Trakkadu or would like to book a test drive, please email

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