Ode to the Big Red Bash 2019

Like a flash of lightning in the sky
With booming thunder passing by
The Trakka braintrust hatched a plot
“A great idea, lets take a shot"
So Alex formulates the dream,
with Scott and Marty, what a team.
Cavalcade of Trakkas head out west
The Big Red Bash, the perfect test.

They cobbled up this motley crew,
so much to plan, so much to do
Dates penciled in and maps to know
vans all packed and wait to go
The day arrived, the time is here
to put our vehicles into gear
From all corners whence they came
head to Birdsville, all the same
We glided on the highways sealed
and bounced through ruts in dust revealed
The varied roads a perfect test Trakkas outshone all the rest

The campsite was our meeting place
time to put a name to face
As campsite friendship start to grow
cemented by the campfires glow
Ten thousand people shared the land
covered by red desert sand
The heat, the wind, dust filled the air
the fine red mist spread everywhere

Then the base drums booming beat,
the faintest tremor ’neath our feet
The band warms up, guitars in tune
quick join the queue or get there soon
Check you gear, check your pass
bring beer and wine or take no glass
Dust and excitement filled the air,
This is what we came to hear

Onto the stage out strode the band,
the bleachers sit, the mosh pit stand
Anchored by deep drums and base
filled in by rhythm keeping pace
Spitting riffs the axes feed,
the vocals turn to take the lead
For many years they sang their song,
some still got it, some just wrong

The music howled and growled and soared
Enthralled and moved and never bored
The music flowed into the night
then full red moon rose into sight
Set sail up through a rising sky
sent orange shadows slipping by
The end of night, the end of rage
they left it all out on the stage
We reassembled at the Trakka fire
where stories and the flames leapt higher
where friendships firmed and thoughts were shared
good natured ribbing, none were spared
Then off to sleep until the morn
when bagpipes greeted in the dawn
Some climbed the ridge and took a walk
While some slept in, some chose to talk

A Glenn and Marty masterclass on how to change a tyre
Scott stealing Martys title as the mister of the fire
The talk was very highbrow as intellectuals do
Scott kept dragging conversation back to talk of compost poo
Alex kept our spirits up with smiles and hugs and banter
And Marty kept an eye on all, a watchful puppet master

For three full days into nights
Bands inspired and enthralled us all
That captivated and entertained us,
You had to have a ball
The first day had its highlights,
By far the best for me
Was Mark Williams singing Dragon,
Steve Balbys quirky wizardry

Bjorn Again they wowed the crowd
As day two got the hits to flow
A performance that was epic as their genius allowed
The Living End they really stole the show
The final day a change of pace
As great concerts often do
Neil Murrays lyrics warm embrace
Sweet harmony from Busby and Merou
Casey Chambers sang and made us cry
Her band the perfect foil
But none could match, how hard they try
The explosive Midnight Oil
Sang songs of reconciliation
Songs of environmental care
Sung with power and with passion Peter
Garrett dragged us there

But all good things come to an end
And now the time has come
To tackle Birdsvilles ruts and dust
And turn our heads for home
We are sums of our experience
They change us all forever
So pause, reflect on circumstance
That brought us all together

Some odd 40 years ago
A couple had a dream
Make something special for the world
They made an awesome team
A better way to see our land,
a better way to travel
Compact comfort and convenience
Creating something novel

Dave and Sally were committed
To make their vans the best
With excellence in every detail
made Trakka better than the rest
David was to join the Bash
but fate did intervene
So those committed to his vision
Made sure his spirit could be seen
Its a credit to you all
That though they may have gone
That through their family and special friend
their legacy burns brightly on

Vale David and Sally

Written by legend Chris Grudnoff, Trakkadu. 

Honestly, we tried putting into words what the trip meant to the Trakka Team.. it was difficult to explain the real heart of the experience. We needn't look for the words any further.

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