Sneak Peek: TRAKKA’s Trakkadu Campervan for 2021

2021 is looking up! Just as we closed the doors on 2020, we drove our latest Trakkadu campervan off the production line. The usual full set of professional imagery is on its way, we just await some more of Mother Nature’s finest. To get you started and learning about the new features we’ve thrown together some quick interior photos of our first Trakkadu AT with some detail on what you can expect for this game changing, multi-purpose camper.

We’re not going to bombard you with every feature (saving that for the brochure), but below you’ll find some of TRAKKA’s new standouts on the updated Trakkadu camper range. 

The TRAKKA team have been busy at work in the design and development of the perfect campervan model range. A practically impossible task at hand, our job has been to create  a TRAKKADU model range more comprehensive, more elite than ever before... Making this the most sought after, desired campervan in the market.

The best part about the Trakkadu is it didn’t require a full overhaul, our sliding rear seat/bed and roof systems both worked so well. It allowed our experienced design team to focus in on features and improvements that were really going to make a difference to the camper’s experience off grid. In terms of how it looks, layout is the same, we’re just stepping it up in terms of finishes, lighting and presenting a really clean interior look.

The Standard

Perhaps you’re taking the plunge and investing in a Trakkadu to replace a day to day vehicle or just add another vehicle to your family fleet that offers the flexibility as a daily driver but also an Aussie camper adventure “up & go” at a moment’s notice… Bets are your expectations are high for a real car-like driving experience and the MY21 Volkswagen T6.1 is no disappointment.

TRAKKA are keeping features standard such as rear parking sensors with reversing camera, colour matched bumpers, engine bay sound insulation and entry grab handles.

Volkswagen have really come to the party on the comfort and safety front.

  • The New Engines - boasting more power in both 4 cylinders, we now have a choice between 110kW turbo diesel (340) and 146kW bi-turbo diesel (450).
  • Front Assist with City Emergency Brakes - detection of possible front collision with warning and setting up of brakes, then applying brakes if no action taken.
  • Blind spot monitoring with Rear Traffic Alert - recognising what the driver mightn’t see from their seat both when reversing out of a parking spot or approaching from another lane when driving. These systems warn the driver and automatically brake if no action is taken.
  • Crosswind Assist - helps dealing with high crosswinds by automatically activating the brakes if needed and keeping you in the lane.
  • Electric Folding Mirrors - minimise risk of damage from other drivers when your Trakkadu is parked on narrow streets.
  • Power Latching Side Door - keeping the Whizbang Whingers at bay, this auto function allows you to quietly close the sliding side door without a slamming operation required.

Take TRAKKADU to the Next Level - Vehicle Options

When only the most elite, comprehensive and safety focused vehicle will do, TRAKKA are offering 3 vehicle option packs designed to make your drive easier, more comfortable and look exceptional on the road.

Driver Pack

  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Tyre pressure monitoring
  • Lane Keeping Assist
  • Park Assist

Light Pack

  • LED headlights
  • Light Assist high beam control

Digital Pack

  • Digital cockpit & Driver Alert
  • Comfort Dashboard
  • 8” Discoverer Media radio with Navigation

Exterior Colours

When you’re looking for a complete standout camper or just want something different to white, we have some really exciting new updates to our exterior colour, two tone and metallic offering. We’ve got bright blue, red and copper metallics and a military style Ascot Grey for the off road adventure vehicle in the order bank.   

The Trakkadu Conversion

Let’s take a look at some of the innovation...


TRAKKA’s motivation in design was to create something that not only looked different to all other pop top campers available on the market, but functioned in a practical manner without skimping on the highest quality appliances and timeless finishes. The new TrakLite LED lighting system features stunning integrated strip lighting throughout. Providing function as well as form, the inconspicuous and flush light switches are operated with a simple touch for activation and dimming.

Bench Construction

TRAKKA’s SlimTec benches and table tops are thin, incredibly durable and fully water resistant construction. The compact 3D laminate is scratch resistant, environmentally friendly, suitable for food preparation and flat to store, ideal in a compact space. We have the various colour and texture choices available. 

The Trakkadu table still has the ability to be used indoors or outside the camper under the awning, only now its a larger surface area, stows flatter and doesn’t require bulking edging. 

Continuing on with our bench top improvements, we’ve relocated all electronic controls into a hidden cupboard under the bench, leaving the front facia panel clean, simple and no accidental turning on of the diesel heater as you brush past. Even with the electronics/control panel cupboard open, there is plenty of usable space in this section to use your Nespresso machine or house your appliance chargers (like a laptop). You’re getting the best of both here!

We’ve lengthened the kitchen bench overall for more prep space, but ever so slightly shortened where the bench finishes towards the front of the vehicle, allowing the driver’s seat to angle back for a more comfortable driving position on long journeys, especially for our taller travellers. 


This is where we are really stepping things up but pay attention as the spec will vary slightly between our on and off road models. In our Trakkadu AT off road model, we are now offering 100Ah Lithium battery and advanced charging system as standard, with the option to upgrade to a 200Ah Lithium battery. This means, our Trakkadu has the potential to carry as much house battery capacity as our Jabiru AWD models, which is amazing! If you opt for the 200Ah battery we are able to offer you a 2000W inverter and induction cooktop options. Not only will you be able to use the induction cooktop off grid, but also laptop charger and other 240V appliances (rated under 2000W) you don’t want to leave at home. 

With our 340 and 450 premium on road models, we offer the more traditional AGM battery, with the option to upgrade to 100Ah or 200Ah Lithium. What you will need to decide on is are you wanting to do a combination of powered & unpowered site camping, or are you looking to go off grid (without necessarily going off the beaten track). This is where our team come in, they’ll be able to help you work out the best spec for your travel needs. When considering whether to go AGM or Lithium, its good to know some features Lithium is offering you for the cost:

  • lighter weight, so higher payload
  • more usable battery capacity (lithium 100%, AGM around 60%)
  • longer battery life
  • faster charging
  • offers a consistent high voltage through its cycle
  • ability to use an inverter (200Ah Lithium)

The rear sliding seat still sits on two rails, allowing passengers to travel anywhere along the rails. This not only allows you to increase boot storage space, but also converse easily with the front passengers. So where are the changes in this seat that folds to the bed? The set up is easy - a slide of the seat, pull of a loop and a flatten of the seat simply using body weight. We’ve added one more step, flick the memory foam mattress overlay out. This clever feature is now actually built into the rear bed platform so you don’t have to carry a separate overlay and its now easier to use a fitted sheet when sleeping. 

Our main cabinetry in the Trakkadu has been widened so as to better house bulkier kitchen items like pots, pans and kettle. Access into the drawers and cupboard are easier now, even with the bed set up. 


As a last minute change, we’ve moved over to a larger 85L compressor fridge/freezer. It was too important to have decent food and drinks storage so we’ve gone bigger, not smaller. The fridge door now holds two levels of goods, not just the one. We can hear a lots of happy campers out there! The front face is a sleek matte black, a nice move away from the shiny aluminium finish. 

The Off Road Trakkadu 450 AT

When you want the best of both on road drivability and be able to tackle tough off road terrain, this 7 speed DSG, 4Motion AWD model is the only one to consider. This very capable All Wheel Drive adventure machine features an upgraded GVM to 3.2 tonnes, Seikel raised suspension, Seikel engine/gearbox guard, solar charging system, Rear Differential Lock and heavy duty bottle jack. Let’s take a look at what other features we’re now including as standard:

  • The new 2L 146kW bi-turbo diesel engine with 450Nm of Torque features more grunt than any other previous model All Terrain campervan we’ve had on offer. This extra power means less effort required for the camper to transverse over obstacles and better control in dodgy driving situations.
  • Downhill Assist is an automatic system where the vehicle is doing the appropriate braking down steep descents at low speeds.
  • 5x upgraded 235/65R17 AT tyres for more ground clearance, superior traction and handling off road
  • New off road alloy wheel options available
  • New underbody protection options available (on top of the AT’s standard engine/gearbox guard)

Our team are on email standby if you would like to lock in a test drive, closer viewing of our new Trakkadu. We wouldn’t delay, as orders are now stretching into 2nd half of 2021. 

The specifications and pricing can be seen HERE and this won’t be the last you hear of the new Trakkadu, with all new imagery and brochure/articles coming soon. 

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