Motorhome Table Tops

We’re all about creating a home-away-from-home experience for our adventure seekers; and when we sat down to workshop the types of activities that make Mercedes-Benz Sprinter based Jabiru well, a home; many roads led back to the trusty motorhome table.

Think about it… you’re having a coffee and need to place it somewhere. You need a table. It’s meal prep time and those carrots aren’t going to grate themselves. Well, you need a table. You’re ready to eat? You need a table. You’re writing in a journal or you’ve set up your laptop, yep: table. Naturally, you need a bedside table and if you’re outdoors and enjoying an afternoon cheese plate with a glass of rose, or you need to prep your fishing line, mend your bike wheel or any other one hundred ‘work bench’ type activities; you’re going to need a reliable table. While the need for bench space is paramount, we had to be a little clever in terms design, storage, space and of course accessibility. Lets show you what we came up with…

Within both the Torino and Jabiru van-based motorhome fleet we designed two easily removable and indoor tables in two sizes with out-of-the-way storage positions. These tables have a 360-degree swivel capability with the leg offset for easy access into either the front or rear seating areas.

While a fold out outdoor kitchen servery takes care of those sunset drinks, our fold out indoor coffee table is the perfect spot for your morning coffee. Both of these options maximise vertical storage space thanks to a fold down function.

Meanwhile, for the avid readers or the thirsty-throughout-the-night types we have an optional beside table for the single beds, which stores in the wardrobe when it’s not housing your water or the latest James Patterson best seller.

Outdoor workbench activities are covered thanks to the Trakka removable outdoor workbench with tiered boot storage, and while we’re down towards the back of the vehicle we’ve incorporated space for your own 80 x 60 cm camping table. With integrated LED strip boot lighting, your camping table becomes a cinch to find.

A motorhome table is a place to commune, share food, play board games, mend, make and to stop and enjoy the view. They’re part and parcel of a fun and functional Trakkabout journey and we’re keen to show you what we’ve done with our throughout the Mercedes-Benz based Jabiru and Torino motorhomes. Contact Trakka HQ to arrange a walk through and a test-drive today.

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