AL-KO Motorhome Suspension: iMotorhome Review Torino 4S

On both our Torino T2 and Torino 4S Fiat van based motorhomes, we offer the option of Outback Suspension Pack. The motorhome suspension upgrade includes both AL-KO Rear Suspension (ARS) and AL-KO Comfort Suspension (ACS).

Starting with the ACS motorhome suspension, where both shock absorbers and coil springs are suited to the high front axle loads of a motorhome. It offers 40 mm of additional front clearance as well as;

  • Brilliant suspension comfort
  • Superior driving stability and enhanced driving safety
  • Reduced noise generation for relaxed travelling
  • Less vibrations in the steering wheel
  • Significantly reduced rolling and pitching movements
  • High resistance and durability
  • Maintenance-free

Then the ARS or rear motorhome suspension offers comfort of the rear axle. It contains two additional coil springs which are mounted at the rear axle onto the flat spring to enhance the suspension comfort. Additionally two shock absorbers with a special tuning for the requirements of the motorhome are part of the system. In combination the system provides:

  • Brilliant suspension comfort for the rear axle
  • Superior driving stability and enhanced driving safety due to a higher roll-stability and crosswind resistance
  • High resistance and durability
  • Maintenance-free

al-ko motorhome suspension

iMotorhome recently took our Torino 4S (Fiat Ducato) for a spin down some off tarmac tracks to test the AL-KO Outback motorhome suspension.

On the drive back out along the track the suspension coped admirably with the rough surface, ruts and rocky outcrops, even when purposely pushed a bit to check its reaction.The Fiat Ducato reaches its potential. From a commercial delivery van with price-driven underpinnings to a compact luxury motorhome riding like it ought, AL-KO’s suspension work is transformative.

If you’re in the market for a new Torino or Torino Xtra, the Outback Suspension Pack is certainly worth considering. If you already own a Torino or Torino Xtra there is a good possibility we’re able to retrofit the front and rear suspension upgrades. As for the Trakkaway 700 motorhome, we actually over the Outback Suspension Pack as standard, but more info coming on that later (wait until you see our next demo)…

Read the full article about our Torino Xtra with Outback Suspension Pack below:


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For Fiat Suspension retrofit: or 02 9457 6277

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