Motorhome Insulation Upgrade for Remote Pack

Motorhome insulation plays an important role in the Remote Pack upgrade Trakka offer in van-based motorhome models. With all Torino and Jabiru variants, the Remote Pack is an option that allows for travellers to spend more time independently camping and away from power. This package includes diesel powered room and water heating, diesel powered cooktop, solar, side door screen and important to this post… additional motorhome insulation!

In a standard Torino or Jabiru variant we use 6mm foam in the ceiling, which is then upgraded to 18mm thick foam in the Remote Pack option. Not only do we fit this closed cell foam to the roof, we also fit it to walls as you’ll see form the images below. Trakka use a closed cell foam for motorhome insulation as it provides an excellent thermal and air barrier but also doesn’t absorb moisture and ensure the foam is properly bonded inside onto the steel skin. This ensures there are no gaps and provides improved sound insulation as well.

The thickness and type of foam used ensures improved temperature regulation inside the camper. The foam not only keeps the interior warm during winter, but also cooler during the hot days. So combined with doubled glazed windows, 12 volt fan in summer or diesel powered heater in winter, you can be sure of comfort inside year round. It also helps keeps energy consumption to a minimum.

We recommend the Remote Pack option to those wanting to spend majority (more than 50%) of their time camping away from power for added flexibility when on the road but also not having to worry about sourcing LPG gas. For a non Remote motorhome, we can fully insulate to the level of a Remote for around $1,500. Below we have images for the next Torino Xtra Remote customer order.

motorhome insulation

motorhome insulation

motorhome insulation

motorhome insulation

6mm vs 18mm thick closed cell foam for motorhome insulation

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