Innovation Continues to Flow!

Trakka Electronic Dump Valve from Trakka Australia on Vimeo.

Trakka have an updated water system for both our campervans and motorhomes and it’s designed to make your life on the road even better. Not only does it include a newly developed quiet running pump and an integrated bypass control which equates to a particularly quiet water flow and minimum clattering when the pump starts or stops, but the water pump is equipped with a unique, flow-optimized 4-chamber diaphragm. It’s quiet, it’s standard in all Trakka models and it’ll make a big difference when you’ve camped somewhere peaceful.

We also have an Electronic Dump Valve for all models fitted with a grey water tank; and what this little ditty means is that you no longer have to grovel on the ground to get to or release the valve because the new electronic valve has one easy to access switch on the dash. The switch can be set to open/close from the front cabin; and naturally, the valve is equipped with a manual override. Now that’s worth celebrating!

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