HOW TO: Diesel Stove Healthy Eggs on Toast

VW Trakkadu at Palm Beach Sydney

VW T3 Trakka camper

We’ve pulled up in the iconic Palm Beach of Sydney’s Northern Beaches, and although the weather isn’t all that great the stars have aligned and we’ve been passed by a beautiful 1980’s VW T3 Trakka camper. The surf is huge and the colours in the clouds are incredible, making this a perfect backdrop for the today’s brunch.

Time to fire up our diesel stove…

Traditionally camper cooking had always been using a spirit or LPG to fuel the stove. With no open flame, our Webasto diesel stove provides a single and safe fuel source that’s easy to use, features a minimilist yet impressive design that enables you to comfortably cook inside when adverse weather closes in; as well as a cook top that is also extremely efficient, using only as little as 200 mL/hr.

We are putting together a cooking series showcasing this technology in a variety of Trakka campervans and motorhomes to ensure you’re getting to most from your single fuel sourced home away from home. Happy cooking!

We all know how important mealtime is when you’re on the road, so we’ve teamed up with nutritionist and naturopath Lauren Willmot (documented by her partner, Alex Marks). With a passion for cooking and educating people on how good food can transform health, Lauren will walk us through a simple and nutrient-packed recipe that will sort you out for breakfast in the Volkswagen T6 based Trakkadu 340 Plus campervan!

Poached Eggs on Avo Toast

Trakka Diesel Stove Eggs on Toast


Sourdough Bread
Cultured butter
Kim Chi sauerkraut
Organic egg
Himalayan salt


Trakkadu Diesel Stove Operation

Turn on diesel stove.

Trakkadu eggs on toast

As the stove system starts up, set up the Trakkadu table by clipping it onto the rail as this will be your primary preparation space. You will have access to fridge, drawers and cupboards. Slice bread and put aside on the kitchen bench.

Trakkadu campervan sink

Place eggs in warm water (using Trakkadu heat exchange system), just enough water so egg shells are covered. Bring to the boil.

Trakkadu eggs on toast

Slice half the avocado.

Trakkadu diesel stove toast

Toast bread on BBQ liner, turning regularly for even toasting.

Trakkadu diesel stove BBQ liner

Rinse off BBQ liner, dry and put away.

VW Trakkadu campervan

Butter toast and top generously with avocado and Kimchi.

Trakkadu diesel stove eggs on toast

Trakkadu diesel stove boiled eggs

After 4 minutes of eggs boiling, drain water in sink and rinse with cool water so eggs are more comfortable to de-shell. Turn stove off.

Layer eggs on top of Kimchi and season with salt & pepper.

Images: Alex Marks Photography featuring Lauren Willmot Nutrition
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