Black Surfaces to Ground the Trakkadu Space

TRAKKA is launching a line of new black cabinetry within the Trakkadu range in the second quarter of 2018, with a rollout across the fleet expected in the back half of next year. Why black? When it comes to interior design, black surfaces can ground a space. And while sparkling white kitchens and interior spaces have been on trend for some time, the use of dramatic and chic black cabinetry can be just as timeless and sophisticated, and will work to create a cozy living environment. You see luxury shouldn’t be limited to your home.

In order to redefine certain spaces within the Trakkadu we’ve combined black cabinetry with our laminated plywood Olmo, the more traditional looking choice. The smooth and dark coloured bench top balances out the textured timber grain front fascia panels. Meanwhile contemporary lines and touches of aluminium offer an industrial flavour.

Having a choice in modern cabinetry colours differentiates Trakka from other motorhomes on the market. Our business is devoted to providing modern and high quality interiors and one of the best parts of this latest colour offering is the opportunity it creates for flexibility when dressing the interior. Black is a neutral hue, and by adding accents of colour with accessories and soft furnishings customers are able to create their own streamlined style for life on the road. It just goes to show, you don’t need a lot of space to create something elegant and welcoming.

To arrange a time to walk through our Trakkadu 340 Plus display vehicle and to view our new black cabinetry in situ, please phone TRAKKA Headquarters on:
02 9472 9000 or email: [email protected]

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