Escape the City in Style

With a full tank of diesel and not a care in the world, there’s something truly incredible about hitting the open road. The notion of that sort of freedom, conjures up an emotion that time and time again draws us out from behind our desks at TRAKKA HQ and into an adventure of our own.

We recently spent some time in the Olney State Forest with our Akuna A2M to capture this motorhome in one of its natural habitats. Olney State Forest is a camp spot free from crowds and overdone facilities; indeed, the only access to power and water you might need out there is included in this motorhome, so it was the perfect spot to really get off the grid. With a Lithium house battery system, a 140L freshwater tank, and an Alfresco Pack option, the A2M takes care of all the essentials, so you can concentrate on really getting back to nature.

Of course, this vehicle lends itself to all sorts of ‘natural habitats’ and when you’re not adventure seeking through the bush with the A2M, this 6m van couldn’t be easier or more comfortable to drive or park around town! VW have filled this 8-speed automatic with a host of incredible features including Front Assist with City Emergency Braking. Using a radar sensor, Front Assist can detect a possible collision with a vehicle in front. It then warns the driver and prepares the car for braking. If nothing changes, the system will apply the brakes to give you a better chance of avoiding, or minimising, the impact of a collision. When you’re travelling below 30km/h, City Emergency Brake can prepare the brakes if a collision is likely. If the driver doesn’t respond, the system will do it automatically.

Coupled with a reverse camera, automatic headlights and rain sensing windscreen wipers, TRAKKA have an optional VW Plus Pack which includes, yet is not limited to Lane Assist, Blind Spot Monitor, Rear Traffic Alert and Park Assist. Park Assist enables the vehicle to semi-automatically manoeuvre into any parking space parallel or at right angles to the road. Additionally, the system facilitates the manoeuvre out of a parallel parking space too! In the case of parking spaces at right angles, the first models not only support reverse parking but also semi-automatic forward manoeuvres. Volkswagens with Park Assist automatically steer when parking; yes, that means that the driver needs only operate the accelerator and brakes. Between the cityscape and adventure seeking, this motorhome certainly offers the best of both worlds

This coming Monday 29th June Trakka will once again host TRAKKA Chatter LIVE on Facebook. Here we’ll give you a comprehensive tour through the layout and features of the Akuna A2M, and we’ll be on standby to answer all your questions. Until then, whet the appetite with our new A2M videoa here.

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