A Trakkaway, a baby & an epic holiday!

I blame my sleep deprived, fuzzy brain for not organising a hotel for the peak time in the most picturesque place in the world (my husband’s hometown of Hawks Nest). As I started googling, ‘camping with baby’, ‘travel with newborn’, ‘checklist for venturing beyond your suburb with junior human’ my heart was heavy with worry before we had even hit the road. I meticulously placed all the items required - 50 nappies, hundreds of wipes, 17 outfits, 12 bottles, countless blankets, burp rags, the list goes on, and that was just day one.... And became a little disheartened.

And then, a moment of hope, there was an opportunity to take the new Trakkaway 720 motorhome... away went the tent, blow up mattress, esky, bbq and my stress.

What did I love?

I put a LOT of research into car safety and was drawn towards an isofix compatible seat for the baby. It was such a bonus simply clicking this into the lounge of the Trakkaway 720. The boot locker storage easily fit our bulky pram, bassinet, play mat and bouncer. Although it took us 5 hours to complete a 2.5 hour journey, having to stop three times for feeds, stretching and nappy changes, I didn’t mind one bit - the vehicle drove beautifully - keeping up with the flow of traffic, performing like a sporty compact car.

Setting up at Winda Woppa was easy. Press of a button to extend the awning, easily rotate the front seats, chuck the snags on the diesel stove and grab a cold beer (or aperol spritz) from the Alfresco fridge. Not wanting to lose our prime position at the beach, the entire extended family could use our loo, filtered water, change-room, shade, outdoor shower, tea/coffee making facilities and phone charging. We were the absolute envy of every single person who walked past us. Little Telfer was a huge fan of bathing in the outdoor sink and his daytime naps were the best yet as all the blinds created a dark room that we cannot replicate at home. It was also wonderful having access to an inverter to power my breast pump, sterilize bottles and use the Nespresso machine … caffeine is a requirement for new mums.

 We paid a yearly membership at the Tea Gardens Country Club ($5.50) and gained access to two days of power in their car park. Little babies do not settle well to sleep in 35 degree weather… apparently… I wouldn't know, as we were snoozing in a balmy 20 degrees with the air-conditioner on. Unfortunately (or fortunately for those without babies) the air-conditioner ran too quiet to double as white-noise for bub to sleep, so I put the 12v fan on to replicate some semblance of noise. I was a little nervous about having such close neighbours also camping in the carpark, so I asked my husband to step outside and see if he could hear Telfer junior mid-meltdown… not a peep confirmed, which was a relief for those night time feeds. I credit this to some extraordinary insulation. On our way out of town we visited the dump point, connected the hose and pressed a button on the dash to simply release the grey water.

The hardest part?

Returning the Trakkaway 720 ... I found life with baby was actually a lot easier in a more consolidated space with everything within arms reach. 

Article: Olivia Telfer
Images: Olivia & Graham Telfer
Vehicle: Demonstrator Trakkaway 720. Options include Alfresco Pack, 1600W inverter, leather upholstery, LED driving light bar & tow bar

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