Torino T2 Evolved: Rounding Out the 2WD Offering

Continuing to dominate in the areas of innovation and engineering, the Torino T2 is packed with quality inclusions and backed by intelligent design. Equipped for spontaneous adventure and custom built for comfort and better drivability, the Torino van-based motorhome conversion has undergone another major facelift in both form and function since its introduction to the Trakka line-up in 2002. The evolution of this ultimate home away from home starts with the Torino’s 9 speed fully automatic transmission.


2002 Torino

Looking back through the history of TRAKKA's Torino, we can easily tell each evolution of the camper is a step ahead of it's time. TRAKKA launched it's first Fiat Ducato LWB motorhome model in 2002, adding to the already established Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz van based offering (Jabiru). This 5.5m long motorhome featured 93kW turbo diesel engine and seating for 5 passengers. 

Front seats swivel to meet an L-shaped lounge that was used for dining/lounging and then slid into a double bed (with in-fill cushions and loads of storage in a drawer underneath). 

Windows were original equipment (2 opening) with curtains and the rear door had a screen so you could leave the back doors open. 

The kitchen was set up towards the rear in an L-shape with 85L fridge/freezer, 3 burner gas stove and sink (both with glass lids), microwave and overhead locker storage with the press button locks and ply doors. 

The bathroom was also positioned at the rear on the driver's side and came complete with timber shower grate, basin, bench toilet & adjustable shower head/mixer tap.

There was 80L of both fresh & grey water, gas bottle (accessed from outside), 2x 90Ah house batteries, control panel, first ever TV/DVD we put in a camper, halogen lighting, outdoor work bench and awning. 

2007 Torino

The base vehicle was powered by 132kW 3L turbo diesel engine and 6 speed Comfortmatic transmission and we included both a LWB and XLWB (Torino Xtra) in the Torino range. 

The layout remained the same for the next generation Torino but we made advancements particularly noticeable with electricals, ventilation, practicality and interior decor choices and went back to a 4 seater vehicle. 

We introduced opening double glazed motorhome windows, which ran down either side of the vehicle and included pull up blinds and fly screens. 

The L-shaped lounge now electrically converted to a double bed, taking out the manual labour of setting up the bed. Slight adjustments to the design also meant we could increase the bed to 2m long. 

Internally we introduced new cabinetry colours which included the light Betulla (pictured below). Care was always taken when selecting new colours and it was decided what was on trend, what looked different and could stand the test of time. We also brought in the roller shutter doors to overhead lockers and bathroom to save space, introduce a modern look that had worked so well in our Trakkadu range and make a compact space just that much more practical (opening cupboards at awkward head height or manoeuvring around a bathroom door no more!) More comfort was also designed into into the seating foams.

Externally we introduced that sleek black decal surrounding the motorhome windows to break up the look of the base van. 


2013 Torino

We went back to the drawing board in terms of design. We took a good hard look at what was working for us and what we could improve on, in terms of what the market wanted at the time. We scrapped the shorter model and would only be offering the XLWB, 6.36m and in 2 layouts. For the purpose of this article, we going to concentrate on the Torino 2 seater and cover the Torino Xtra another time. Introducing the Torino HK... 

The layout would be much more in line with what you see in the Torino today, featuring more separate areas - a front dining area utilising the front swivel seats, centre kitchen and North/South single beds that convert to a double. We'd seen how well this layout had worked in the Sprinter and Crafter based models so wanted to incorporate it into the Ducato. TRAKKA's van based model range was now more uniform in the design philosophy of being able to use more separate areas of the motorhome at once. 

New to the Torino was introducing TRAKKA's patented Switch Mode Bathroom. Like the Jabiru and Torino Xtra models, the toilet was stowed under the basin and electrically slid out by the flick of a switch. This concept meant you were left with a spacious showering space and the toilet didn't get saturated in the process. 

Also new to the Torino was the option of diesel fuelled cooking technology, something we'd been doing in the pop top camper as standard for a few years. The Remote Pack option was born! Deleting gas system altogether, TRAKKA offered the optional upgrade to diesel fuelled cooktop, diesel fuelled water heating, diesel room heating (separate units), 135W roof mounted solar and foam insulation throughout. We were now able to offer the market a more independent camping experience in the Fiat. It was designed for those travellers who prefer independent off grid camping, the single fuel sourced technology eliminating the need for LPG as well as saving on storage space usually allocated to bulky gas bottle. No open flame within the vehicle and alleviate the need for additional certification regarding where gas appliances should be fitted. Utilising state of the art appliances and technology, this option was not only energy efficient but ensured campers stayed out camping more independently for longer. 

The kitchen bench (now just one long line and centred in the motorhome) housed sink, choice of stove type and drinking water filtration. Underneath  were a set of soft close drawers and we moved to a 136L Waeco fridge/freezer set up and microwave above. 

Having the beds at the rear gave campers a wider more flexible use of bedroom. We included a wardrobe, additional spot to use the dining table and gave the choice of using beds as singles or one massive double. Beds could also be left made up as you still had the front dining area.  

The Torino had enough space now to carry 120L of fuel, 120L of fresh water and 80L of grey as well as 2x 100Ah house batteries and a more space efficient, usable boot storage space at the rear. 

TRAKKA's signature roller shutter doors remained as did our aluminium highlights on cabinetry and fittings like our press button drawer locks and table leg.

2015 Torino

In terms of aesthetics, (and in my personal opinion), what we launched in 2015 was show-stopping. I remember attending the Melbourne Show, snapping away and thinking this was really ground breaking stuff. This is the first TRAKKA had launched with the integrated strip LED lighting (including behind the bathroom mirror), mood lighting above lockers and under bench mood lighting with dimming function. The look was modern and bright and really different to anything else we'd launched previously or anything you'd find in the market. Main light switches and electronic sliding toilet operation were in the way of a rocker switch. 

You'll notice our wall lining was now more in line with what you'd find in passenger vehicles - a smoother, lighter, easier to clean finish. TRAKKA also incorporated more streamline window blind and flyscreen units, with the blind pulling up and the screen pulling down, which in turn meant you had more personalisation in how much natural light/ventilation you allowed into the camper. 

Within our Remote Pack option we introduced the efficient Truma combined water/room heating unit (rather than separate units), later also designing & incorporating the sliding side and rear insect screen doors into our Remote Package. 

We also saw in 2015, improvements in cabinetry with new textures available meaning we could push the boundaries in terms of finishes and colours. It was important we didn't look like any other motorhome or campervan on the market. We offered both a really natural timber grain finish and an industrial Formwork look. 


2020 Torino

"The latest Torino product is an evolution of a proven vehicle, which has been brought into our current family of van based TRAKKA products.  It has adopted our latest lighting technology, adjustable bed design and comfort,  along with this generation of design and  appearance." - Michael Lord, head of Design & Engineering.

Just when you thought it couldn't be improved any further, TRAKKA launch the 2020 Torino T2 edition. Designed around the latest sophisticated Fiat Ducato base vehicle, the Torino’s new 9 speed automatic transmission is combined with a powerful 2.3L 130kW turbo diesel engine with a maximum torque of 450Nm. The safety features are no more in line with what is being offered in modern passenger vehicle, including Full Brake Control (Advanced Emergency Braking System), Lane Departure Warning System, High Beam + Traffic Sign Recognition, Blind Spot Assist as well as automatic headlights and rain sensor windscreen wipers all being included in the TRAKKA package. 

Focusing on the one layout, the T2, alongside the Akuna (Volkswagen) and the Jabiru (Mercedes), completes Trakka’s 2WD van-based motorhome offering.

The Standard Remote Pack

There was no point offering something as an option, when all models were being delivered with the Remote Pack. As well as including the side sliding concertina style  side and the rear door version is now standard, increasing ventilation and protecting you from pesky bugs during the warmer months. Additionally, the Remote Pack includes roof mounted 100W solar (which you can upgrade to 200W with the optional Alfresco Pack) which will extend the amount of time you can spend away from being plugged into power. 

The Optional Alfresco Pack

Upping the ante with the outside living experience, travellers have the option to include TRAKKA's new Alfresco Pack which includes long outdoor workbench with built-in collapsible basin, hot/cold shower/sink tap with storage locker, additional solar panel and the drinks fridge accessed easily from either inside or outside the motorhome. 

Speaking of refrigeration, Dometic's innovative 90L more vertically laid out fridge/freezer is now included as part of the kitchen. Offering more practical use of storage space for important items like wine, this fridge freezer opens from either side, which we've found to work incredibly well in a compact interior space. 

The Materials

As we have done with our Akuna and Jabiru motorhome models, TRAKKA include the ultra-modern TrakLite LED strip lighting on the bathroom facia panel and both above and under overhead lockers, providing brilliantly bright light (again with dimming function). Benchtops and dining table are now constructed using the SlimTec technology for a more durable, slimmer, easily cleaned and stowed (when required) accessory. This material also meant we can offer people a variety of texture and colours!

Our flooring has progressed to a luxurious rubber backed woven vinyl that feels soft under foot and super easy to clean/sweep. Similar to what you'd find in high end boats, you're ensured this feature is built for high traffic and outdoor environments. There is also a choice in a grey or beige colourway depending if you want a more industrial or more natural feel inside. 

We've kept the automotive style wall and roof lining, but gone more streamline with the interior, hiding all window blinds & screens behind this lining. 

Functional Space

We're sticking with our North/South single beds that convert to the large double, but additionally, both passenger and driver’s side bed backrests are adjustable, which makes sitting up in bed, watching the iPad or reading, both easy and comfortable. Under each single bed is a huge soft close drawer for storing shoes, towels and extra blankets. Furthermore, there is also a long drawer under the step into the bed to ensure you get the most of every space for storage. 

The bedroom includes two additional opening double glazed motorhome windows, as we've fitted these to the back doors as well. This leaves you the option to have doors all the way open or utilise your 4 rear bedroom windows for ventilation. 

Like our Akuna and Jabiru range, the 140L fresh and 80L grey water tanks are integrated under the bed, across the vehicle for larger capacity and an even weight distribution.

Availability and Price Point

Starting at $140,000 drive away (NSW on road costs included), the Torino T2 is available immediately for viewing and test drive at our Sydney HQ showroom. Production spots are available from 2nd quarter 2021. Space efficient and easy to set up, the Torino T2 takes into consideration all your adventure seeking needs; all that’s left is for you to hit the road. For more detail or to have your questions answered, get in touch with our awesome team or phone 02 8294 8590.


The road to perfecting your travelling lifestyle starts at TRAKKA. Centred in innovation TRAKKA utilises over 45 years of experience in the creation and conversion of luxury purpose-built on and off-road motorhomes and campervans, to perfect the unique driving characteristics of each and every Trakka. Both a well-respected brand and an esteemed lifestyle Trakka integrates the latest technologies and materials across our fleet of Volkswagen, Fiat and Mercedes-Benz campervans and motorhomes to redefine the limits of what is possible. Discover your passion for travel and make your next road trip unforgettable with Trakka.

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